AI Innovation Unleashed: Miami’s Trailblazing Startups

Exploring the AI Frontier with 15 Cutting-Edge Companies in Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida, is not just a sun-soaked paradise; it’s also a thriving hub for AI innovation. In this article, we dive into the world of artificial intelligence and introduce you to 15 remarkable startups that are pushing the boundaries of AI technology in the Magic City.

HeruRevolutionizing Vision Diagnostics


Heru is at the forefront of AI-powered vision diagnostics and augmentation software, transforming the way we perceive and enhance our world through AR/VR devices.

CalculumOptimizing Financial Supply Chains


Calculum is disrupting the financial landscape with its data-as-a-service approach, utilizing analytics and AI to optimize financial supply chains.

KeeperFostering Meaningful Connections


Keeper facilitates meaningful collaborations by connecting individuals with shared visions, helping them build something impactful together.

EruditEmpowering Data-Powered Decisions


Erudit empowers companies with People Analytics, offering reliable and timely insights to drive data-driven decisions.

CITECElevating Portfolio Management


CITEC delivers personalized portfolio management and rebalancing technology to financial professionals, enhancing their offerings to clients.

Perfect.liveTransforming Lifestyles with AI

Website is a lifestyle app leveraging AI, enhancing user experiences and adding a touch of convenience to daily activities.

Databloom AIEfficient Data Mesh Solutions


Databloom AI offers an open and efficient data mesh, revolutionizing data landscapes and providing streamlined solutions.

ybotYour Multilingual Work Assistant

ybot is an AI-driven voice-activated multilingual work assistant, simplifying tasks and interactions in various languages.

WisecutAutomatic Video Editing with AI


Wisecut employs generative AI and speech recognition to transform hours of videos into captivating clips, saving time and effort.

EPICADecoding Audience Behavior with AI


EPICA empowers businesses with unparalleled decision-making capabilities by deciphering and disrupting audience behavior patterns.

3coAI-Powered Design for Spaces


3co introduces 3D computer vision AI and augmented reality to revolutionize the design of gardens, landscapes, and interior spaces.

OXYGEN HealthcareAI-Enhanced Electronic Health Records


OXYGEN Healthcare pioneers AI-powered EHRs, equipping physicians with cutting-edge tech solutions to elevate patient care.

BoatraxAI-Infused Boating Solutions


Boatrax introduces IoT and AI to the boating industry, streamlining boat ownership and enhancing the experience.

ConnectUsAI Assistant for Managers


ConnectUs brings AI to management, providing an assistant that supports managers in their daily tasks and decisions.

Document CrunchEfficient Contract Review with AI


Document Crunch disrupts contract review with its AI platform, expediting the process and improving accuracy.

Miami’s AI startups are charting new territories and redefining industries through innovative applications of artificial intelligence. These companies are driving the city’s tech ecosystem forward, and their pioneering work promises to shape the future of AI innovation on a global scale.

Written by Mobb

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