Atlanta’s Health Care Innovators: Spotlight on US-Based Startup Pioneers

January 30, 2024

Healthcare is a dynamic and ever-changing field, with new innovations and technologies continuously being introduced to improve patient care and outcomes. And the startup scene in this sector is no different – particularly those headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Since 2020, a number of innovative and exciting health care startups have been launched in this city, each bringing their unique approach and solution to health care challenges. In this article, we’re going to highlight some of these startups and examine how they’re shaking up the health care industry.

From payment solutions to medical devices to software systems, these startups cover a wide range of specializations within the health care field. Despite their diverse range of offerings, these startups share a common goal – to improve health care outcomes and efficiencies, whether it be through new technologies, innovative approaches, or simply by reimagining what health care can look like.

So without further ado, let’s delve into some of these promising startups and see how they’re reshaping the health care landscape.


Rialtic, founded by Doug Williams and J. Douglas Williams, is focused on creating a more efficient healthcare system. This enterprise software startup provides next-generation technology to healthcare payers and providers, which helps reduce administrative burden and improve system-wide efficiencies. Whether it be through cost savings or enabling new capabilities, Rialtic is dedicated to freeing up health care providers to focus on what truly matters – the health and wellbeing of their patients.

Green Feather Software

Green Feather Software, founded by Craig Haynor, Elyse Welch, and Michael Biederman, is a health care software startup. While specifics regarding their platform are forthcoming, their commitment to the health care sector is evident.

Center for Global Health Innovation

The Center for Global Health Innovation is committed to solving the world’s greatest health issues through equitable and compelling solutions. This nonpartisan convener and catalyst works to make a significant difference in the global health scene.

Panda Health

Helmed by founder David Harvey, Panda Health is a marketplace for digital health innovations. The company’s platform is designed to transform how health systems discover, procure, and implement technologies that significantly improve patient care.


ViewFi, founded by Christopher Dodson and Michael Williamson, is another innovative healthcare startup based out of Atlanta. Their specific offerings remain highly anticipated.


FeatherPay operates in the health care space, providing much-needed innovation and potentially a unique payment solution for the sector.

Atlas Primary

Atlas Primary is a consulting firm that specializes in database, healthcare, and market research innovation, enhancing the accessibility and usability of critical data for health care providers.

Cosmos Robotics

Cosmos Robotics, founded by Eddie Massey III and Sebastian Arias, develops robots that monitor for falls and patient location, as well as automating communication and virtual visits, significantly improving care for elderly residents.

Wolf Dental Solutions

Wolf Dental Solutions provides digital workflow solutions for solo practitioners, group practices, and DSOs. Their offerings include CBCT 3D cone beam machines, intraoral scanners, 3D printers, and revolutionary smile design 3D face scanners.


Lealtà is a SaaS company that develops a patient membership platform based on a neurobehavioral framework. Their innovative model aims to drive patient loyalty and healthful choices for better care and financial outcomes.

Ottalaus Health

Ottalaus Health, founded by Mack Lund, provides custom-branded solutions for implementing remote patient monitoring programs. Their comprehensive offering includes device kits and packaging, smartphone apps, a secure cloud database, and custom system support through their API.

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