Atlanta’s Premier Consulting Startups Revolutionizing the US Industry Landscape

January 29, 2024

Nestled in ‘the city too busy to hate’, a new wave of disruptive startups is emerging. Atlanta, Georgia, has a mature startup ecosystem with a rich mix of established industries including financial technology, health technology, marketing technology and several others. The city has a welcoming atmosphere that supports the growth of startup businesses. The city’s dynamic ecosystem continues to breed new businesses with a focus on innovation and problem-solving. The article seeks to highlight several startups that started in 2020 or later in Atlanta, Georgia, specialising in Consulting.

Most of these startups are purpose-driven, introduced to solve immediate industry problems and offer innovative solutions to these challenges. Among these new breeds of Atlanta-based consulting companies are Atlas Primary, Sola, Wolf Dental Solutions, Orchid Agency, Spark Your Resume, Just Health Collective, PopIntros, Elite HR Services, Williams Law Group of Georgia, Precoh, and Golden Hour Marketing. A unique trend among these startups is their integration of technology in their consulting operations, thus setting a new standard for the consulting industry.

This piece does not just present a list of start-ups but delves into each company’s objectives, operations, and unique selling points. Here, the reader will find succinct details about each business, including their positioning within the larger Atlanta start-up ecosystem.

Atlas Primary

Atlas Primary, situated in Atlanta, Georgia, operates in the Consulting, Database, Health Care, and Market Research sectors. Primarily, Atlas Primary seeks to bring pioneering and effective solutions to the healthcare sector through strategic market research and database consulting. Click here to learn more about Atlas Primary.


In the Consulting and Information Technology space, we find the revolutionary product introduced by an MGA called Sola. The Sola team is providing a data-driven supplemental insurance plan to safeguard homeowners from the immediate out-of-pocket expenses arising from catastrophic disasters. Follow Sola on Facebook or check their LinkedIn page.

Wolf Dental Solutions

Wolf Dental Solutions is a pioneering consulting startup serving solo practitioners, group practices, and DSOs in the dental and healthcare sector. They offer digital workflow solutions, leveraging technology in improving healthcare provision. Visit their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for more information.

Orchid Agency

Orchid Agency is a full-service marketing agency ideal for B2B tech startups. Thanks to the founding prowess of Mariya Finkelshteyn, the company helps early-stage startups in building, optimizing and scaling their marketing function. Check out Orchid Agency on LinkedIn.

Spark Your Resume

Spark Your Resume offers expertise in career path consultancy. Their mission is to provide guidance and assistance to job seekers looking to optimize their resumes. Join the conversation on their social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Just Health Collective

The Just Health Collective operates within the Consulting, Education, and Service Industry, offering advisory, education, coaching and digital services to clients. Strives at driving health equity, inclusion, and belonging. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


PopIntros is a startup focused on Advice, Consulting, and Social Assistance for personalized and helpful social introductions. Connect with PopIntros on LinkedIn.

Elite HR Services

Elite HR Services focuses on delivering Consultancy, Human Resources, and Recruiting services. They are driven by a mission to effortlessly handle HR issues and provide recruiting assistance. More details can be found on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Williams Law Group of Georgia

The Williams Law Group of Georgia is driving innovation in the law enforcement and legal tech industry. This consulting startup was founded by talented attorneys, and it offers services in Legal Tech and Professional Services. For information, you can visit their LinkedIn page.


Precoh offers consultancy services in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, and Machine Learning. They use informatics methods and algorithmic business transformation to solve the industry’s most challenging problems. Join Precoh’s network on LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter.

Golden Hour Marketing

Golden Hour Marketing, the brainchild of Cassie Cresta and Lauren Grillon, is a marketing consulting firm that offers a range of services, including marketing strategy, brand development, and social media management. They have a robust online presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

All these startups reflect the diverse array of innovation and business acumen present in Atlanta’s thriving startup community. As the city fosters a conducive environment for entrepreneurship, it will be captivating to see how these startups progress, evolve, and impact their respective industries.

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