Best Embeddable SEO Widget For Your Website

June 10, 2021

 Nowadays, every business is dependent on SEO. SEO or search engine optimization is the process of making your business popular. You can improve your website ranking on the search engine results page by the proper use of SEO. And SEO Audit Widget is a tool to take a basic step for your website SEO.

What is an SEO Widget?

SEO widgets work as a lead generation tool. It is basically a form embedded in your website. By embedding SEO Widget Form, you can generate potential and high-quality SEO leads effortlessly for your website. Whenever a user fills out that form and tries to audit a website, that’s the lead we call in SEO. The eye-catching widget form attracts your web visitor to run an audit from your website. It has the potential to convert your visitors into your promising clients.

SEO Audit Software offers you a great solution with this SEO Audit Widget. You can embed the site audit tool to your website by following some necessary steps This article is going to educate you about the best embeddable SEO Audit Widget you’ll ever find.

Are you eligible to use the SEO Widget Form?

Before using the widget form, you must know if you can get the benefit of using the SEO Audit Widget form. This service belongs to SEO Entrepreneurs, Marketing Agencies, Web designers, SEO Professionals and any person related to SEO.

SEO Entrepreneurs:

If you are an SEO entrepreneur and about to start your own business, SEO Audit Software is just the right choice for you. And you are obviously eligible for the SEO Audit Widget tool to embed on your website. You can generate quality SEO leads at ease using this tool. You can convert them into your potential customers too.

Marketing Agencies:

In this modern era, marketing agencies need to focus more on the SEO widget to increase their leads. SEO Audit Software presents you with the easiest platform to generate leads every day and manage them using only one software.

Web Designers:

Web designers can get the benefit of attracting their clients to their websites by embedding the SEO widget form in their websites. This will help their web visitors to find out the weaknesses of their websites. As well as they get to know about the bugs about their websites so they can fix them.

SEO Professionals:

It is an influential tool for any SEO professionals. They can use the Widget Form for many purposes. This embeddable form will not only increase your website traffic but can also generate useful organic leads and gain more potential audiences for your website.

Now if you can one of the above categories, we can move forward with the details about the SEO Audit Widget Form and how to embed it to your own domain.

How can you embed SEO Widget to your website?

An SEO Audit Widget form for your SEO Software is easy to use for your website user interface It is made to be used for those who don’t even have any technological knowledge. You can create a customized widget form, change its look and feel so that it can go well with your website design.

Now you can easily style the form objects if you have basic CSS knowledge. So that it seamlessly integrates with your website design. For any kind of integration difficulty, contact the SEO Audit Software support engineering team.

To get your own customized Widget Form all you need to follow the above steps:

  1. Go to the following link:
  2. From the sidebar, go to Generate Leads section. Choose the “Create Widget” option.
  3. Fill out the following boxes however you want. Add the Widget Title and Description.
  4. In the “Select Widget” section, there are three options.

Popup Form:

This form pops up suddenly in the user display area when the user clicks on the CTA button.

Fixed Form:

It can set fixed anywhere on the website.

Slim Form in the top:

This type of form will appear on the top of your website horizontally.

  1. Choose the Configure Form Field. Select the boxes you want to have in the form so that your clients can fill those accordingly.
  2. Now just click on “Save Widget & Generate Code”.
  3. There you will get the code in the “Widget List” section.
  4. Just simply copy the code and paste it on your website.

There are some more facilities you are going to get. You can apply this widget code for your whole website, a particular page or multiple pages. You can also embed multiple widget forms for a single webpage.

Now it’s time to generate potential SEO leads. You can generate unlimited SEO leads and get instant email lead notifications. This SEO Audit Widget allows your client to create SEO Audit Report within a few moments. In the Audit report, your customers will get all the detailed SEO parameters as requested. You can also customize these parameters as you want from the dashboard. Your clients can see that audit report from their website. So they get a completely branded lead generation widget form without any mention of SEO Audit Software.

Website loading speed:

This parameter shows you the website or URL loading speed. You get to see how fast you can browse the given weblink.

HTTP Request:

It analyses all the HTTP requests it gets from the website. Images, Javascript, HTML, CSS every detail are captured by this.

Website URL:

It examines the complete report of the website URLs. Analyses the length of the URL, keywords in the URL and everything related to it.

Title- Description Tag:

The report shows if the title and descriptions are correct or not. It shows the length, keywords used in them, the number of words, characters and so on.

Image Analysis & List:

In the report, image analysis shows comprehensive information for all the images that have been used in the given link. It analyses the alt texts and gives an overview.

H- Tags Analysis:

It is shown if the header tags are correctly implemented or not in the report.

Keyword Analysis:

It identifies the keywords and shows a list of 2,3,4 words keywords list used in the given website url.

You can also allow your promising consumers to download a PDF of that Audit Report from your website.

You can review Lead details and Audit reports from the “All Leads” section in the software dashboard. There are some essential actions installed in that section according to your needs. You can move to trash or even delete permanently any information to maintain the leads information.

Benefits of embedding SEO Widget to your website

Till now you might have understood the total concept of the SEO Audit Widget tool for your website. So it’s time to give you an overview of all the advantages you are going to get if you are willing to use this widget tool from SEO Audit Software.

First of all, this SEO Software offers you 14 days of completely free trial support. You can try every functionality, all the premium features the software includes at an absolutely free of cost.

After 14 days you can yet use the app’s free version for a lifetime. In the free version, there are some limited features. But you can subscribe to any of the packages according to your need anytime.

This widget form has zero complexity. You can easily integrate the Widget form even without any technical knowledge. Embed the form on your website in a hassle-free way. All you need to do is copy the widget code and paste it on your webpage HTML code.

You can get the benefit of showing the audit report on your website to your customers. So your consumers can see it as your own not any third-party site. It increases the brand value of your website on another level.

You will get the advantage of getting instant lead notifications. Even if you are not moderating your website, the moment a user uses your widget form, you’ll get an instant email notification. This helps you to keep the track of your lead generation. Also, you can manage your SEO leads in the All Leads section under the Generate Leads section. This will keep tacks of every detail for you so that you don’t have to worry about losing any data of your clients.


If you try to generate your SEO leads manually, there is a chance that it will not works absolutely 100%. But with the embeddable SEO Audit Widget form, the chances of getting potential leads are higher. It can easily capture audiences because the form looks attractive. As SEO Audit Software gives you the facility of customizing the form, you can easily make the form more interactive by using your own graphics. So, give it a try to generate potential leads with the powerful SEO Tool of all time.

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