Blooming Green: Showcasing the Outstanding Garden Centers of Cornelius, OR

July 30, 2023

Crawfords Nursery

As a multifaceted garden services provider, Crawfords Nursery proudly caters to a wide array of gardening needs in Cornelius. Offering everything from plant retail and garden services to landscaping and lawn care, this local business has become a one-stop shop for all things green. Customers appreciate the high-quality plants, nursery products, and lawn care services that Crawfords Nursery offers, making it an important pillar in the local garden center industry.

New Leaf Greenhouse

Offering a boutique experience, New Leaf Greenhouse prides itself on producing top-quality plants and organic vegetable and herb starts. Known for its beautiful hanging baskets and an excellent assortment of annual and perennial plants, the New Leaf Greenhouse website promises exceptional quality and variety. Their weekly specials have garnered a faithful following in Cornelius and the Portland area.

Hochstein Nursery

Hochstein Nursery, renowned as a wholesaler, offers an array of nursery and greenhouse products for both retail and wholesale customers. Visit their website to explore their offerings that significantly contribute to the city’s vibrant garden center scene.

Blooming Nursery

Blooming Nursery stands as a wholesale nursery dedicated to providing a wide range of reliable plant material. Their selection ranges from herbaceous perennials and groundcovers to ornamental grasses and organic vegetables, which can all be explored on their website. Their commitment to diversity and quality makes Blooming Nursery a beloved establishment in Cornelius.

Blooming Junction

As a fusion of a farm, garden center, and a fruit & vegetable store, Blooming Junction offers a unique shopping experience for green thumbs in the area. Visit their website to discover their distinctive approach to the garden center business.

Gutmann Nurseries Incorporated

Gutmann Nurseries Incorporated serves as a reliable nursery for both retail and wholesale customers. Known for its high-quality plant offerings, this establishment contributes significantly to the green landscape of Cornelius.

The Clone Zone

Specializing in wholesale plant nursery services, The Clone Zone carves its own niche in Cornelius’s garden center industry. You can learn more about their unique services on their website.

Rio Verde Plantas

Another key player in the wholesale plant nursery business is Rio Verde Plantas. Visit their website to explore their extensive plant offerings.

Mikes Killer Clones

Mikes Killer Clones, another wholesale plant nursery in Cornelius, is known for its unique name and superior plant products. Find more about them on their website.

Fred Meyer

While not traditionally a garden center, Fred Meyer offers a diverse selection of plants and gardening products alongside their expansive retail offerings. Learn more about their gardening department at their website.


Walmart Store Cornelius is a multi-functional store that includes a garden center section. Visit their website to check their plant and gardening supplies offerings.

Oregon Roses Incorporated

Oregon Roses Incorporated operates both as an urban farm and a plant nursery, known for its beautiful flowers. Check out their vibrant roses on their website.

Bradshaw Nursery

Bradshaw Nursery is a wholesale plant nursery that also operates as a garden center. They offer a variety of plant options for green thumbs in Cornelius. Visit their website to see what they offer.

Production Service International Incorporated

Production Service International Incorporated contributes to the agricultural scene in Cornelius through their seed & grain cleaning services, as well as their ornamental nursery products. As such, they play a vital role in maintaining the city’s green aesthetic.

In conclusion, Cornelius, OR, boasts a dynamic and diverse collection of garden centers. These companies, through their commitment to quality and customer service, continue to foster a thriving gardening community in the region. From nurseries to one-stop-shop garden centers, Cornelius offers something for every plant enthusiast.

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