Brea’s Bounty: A Gastronomic Guide to Brea, California’s Innovative Eateries

Exploring the eclectic and diverse restaurant scene in Brea, where culinary ingenuity meets the Californian spirit

Brea, California is not just a city known for its oil, oranges, and opportunity. It is a city brimming with an enticing range of dining experiences that delight the palate of both locals and visitors alike. From superfood cafes to American classics, pizza joints to seafood havens, here we spotlight thirteen restaurants that have cemented their place in Brea’s culinary landscape.

Vitality Bowls Brea

An Oasis of Superfoods
Health-conscious diners rejoice at the sight of Vitality Bowles Brea’s menu. This superfood cafe is renowned for its açaí bowls, fresh juices, soups, and salads. Organic and antioxidant-rich, every item is made fresh, ensuring pure flavors without artificial preservatives.

zPizza Brea

Artisanal Pizzas, Laguna Style
Born in the art colony of Laguna Beach, zPizza serves artisanal pizzas that showcase the craft and creativity the city is known for. The dough, made from non-GMO wheat flour, sets the stage for quality ingredients like award-winning skim mozzarella and organic tomato sauce.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

A Culinary Homage to Rustic Americana
Lazy Dog serves up comfort and familiarity with their handcrafted American food and drinks. With a warm, caring service and a mountain-town-inspired ambiance, it’s the perfect place for a casual gathering.

Urban Plates

Real Food, No Compromises
Urban Plates epitomizes the philosophy that real food is born of goodness. With chef-crafted meals that are as nutritious and delicious as they are wholesome, it’s a haven for anyone seeking to eat well without compromise.

Marketplace Cafe

Stylish Dining in the Heart of Brea
Situated inside the Nordstrom at Brea Mall, the Marketplace Cafe offers a chic dining experience with an emphasis on health and safety. It serves up a variety of American classics, both for indoor and patio dining.

Ruby’s Diner

A Nostalgic Journey into American Diner Culture
Ruby’s Diner delivers classic American diner fare with a dose of nostalgia. From hamburgers to shakes and malts, their menu is a tribute to the quintessential American dining experience.

Red Lobster

Celebrating the Ocean’s Bounty
Renowned for its expertise in seafood, Red Lobster delivers fresh fish and live lobsters to seafood aficionados. The commitment to quality is evident from the first bite to the last.

Yard House

Where Food Lovers and Beer Enthusiasts Meet
Yard House is a modern American gathering place, famed for its great food, classic rock, and the largest selection of draft beers. It’s a spot that unites food lovers and beer enthusiasts in a vibrant, energetic setting.

Outback Steakhouse

Steak with an Aussie Twist
Outback Steakhouse is the home of juicy steaks, spirited drinks, and Aussie hospitality. Located conveniently on Pointe Drive and Lambert Road, this steakhouse serves up an authentic Australian dining experience in the heart of Brea.

Corner Bakery

A Cozy Corner for Freshly Baked Delights
Beginning on a corner, this bakery has expanded to offer a warm welcome to diners all over Brea. Whether you’re after sandwiches, breakfast delights, or delectable baked goods, Corner Bakery has something for every taste.

California Pizza Kitchen at Brea Mall

Pizza with a Californian Flair
California Pizza Kitchen serves up California creativity through its innovative menu items. Known as the home of the original BBQ Chicken Pizza, it also offers an enticing selection of pizzas, salads, pastas, sandwiches, and more.


Seafood Shack Reinvented
Slapfish brings the convenience of fast food to the quality of fine dining with their modern seafood shack concept. Offering a myriad of seafood choices, this restaurant is a must-visit for seafood lovers.


Your Local Sandwich Specialist
The local Subway restaurant in Brea provides an array of mouth-watering flavors, from their famous footlongs and 6” sandwiches to wraps and salads. It is a place that transforms the fast food experience with fresh ingredients and diverse options.


Classic Fast Food, Modern Safety Measures
McDonald’s has adjusted to the new normal by reinforcing health and safety regulations. Serving customers through Drive-Thru, Mobile Order & Pay, and McDelivery®, it offers the classic McDonald’s experience with enhanced safety measures.

Taco Bell

A Fiery Fiesta of Mexican Flavors
Taco Bell in Brea serves up your favorite Mexican-inspired dishes. With a menu that ranges from tacos to burritos and more, it is a place that ensures a flavorful and satisfying meal for every visit.

These restaurants in Brea, CA, each bring a unique culinary approach to the table, creating a gastronomic adventure for every diner. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor passing through, Brea’s vibrant restaurant scene has something to offer everyone.

Written by Mobb

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