Breckenridge’s Nonprofit Gems: Serving Community Needs with Passion

July 28, 2023

American Legion Post 295

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    Dedicated to the welfare and interests of the veterans, the American Legion Wolverton-Sawvel-Falor focuses on ensuring that the heroes of the US armed forces and their families are well taken care of. From commemorative events to lobbying for veterans’ benefits, this organization’s commitment is unwavering.

Breckenridge Wheeler Area Historical Society

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    Preserving Breckenridge’s history and engaging the community through various programs, this society plays a pivotal role in safeguarding local heritage.

First Congregational Church

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    A beacon of spiritual guidance and community in Breckenridge, this church is a home for many seeking solace, community, and worship.

Amazing Grace Church

Dedicated to fostering faith and community, Amazing Grace stands as a testament to charismatic worship and religious unity.

Moose Lodge 1566

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    Beyond being just a convention center, the Moose Lodge is a hub for service-oriented events and fraternal gatherings, bringing together individuals under the umbrella of camaraderie and unity.

Gratiot Community Senior Center

An organization that underscores the importance of senior care, community services, and social engagements for our elder community members.

Centrl Territrl Salvation Army

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    Born from a strong Christian ethos, the Salvation Army ALMA has touched countless lives, delivering hope and help with unwavering commitment.

Pregnancy Services Of Gratiot County

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    Supporting families, offering counseling services, and providing alternatives to abortion, this nonprofit works tirelessly for the well-being of mothers and children.

D-Tails Dog and Cat Grooming/Dalis to the Rescue

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    Championing the cause of our furry friends, this organization is a testament to the bond between humans and animals.

Faith Life Christian Center

Central Michigan Youth For Christ

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    Catering to the youth of Breckenridge, this organization provides a platform for young individuals to come together, share, learn, and grow.

Midmichigan Gratiot Cancer Center

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    Pioneering cancer care in the region, this center offers world-class treatment and support to patients and their families.

Child Advocacy 4 C Of Central Michigan

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    Focused on the welfare of children and families, this nonprofit provides crucial support in the realms of childcare, domestic services, and community care.

Eightcap Inc

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    An integral part of the nonprofit landscape of Breckenridge, Eightcap Inc stands as a beacon of community service and support.

Wilcox Non-Profit Center

A cornerstone in the nonprofit community of Breckenridge, the Wilcox Center continues to make significant impacts in various domains of service and care.

Breckenridge’s nonprofit organizations remain at the forefront of community welfare, serving various needs with dedication and passion. Their diverse efforts and unwavering commitment ensure that the spirit of service and compassion remains alive and well in the heart of Michigan.

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