Bridgeport’s Premier Truck Rental Companies: Navigating the Options

July 21, 2023

United Rentals

Website: United Rentals, Bridgeport
Whether you’re seeking aerial equipment, forklifts, earthmoving apparatuses, or a vast array of power tools, United Rentals has got you covered. Their expansive fleet promises reliability and an assortment tailored to meet all your industrial needs. United Rentals stands out for its diverse equipment range, from scissor lifts and forklifts to fluid solutions and climate solutions.

Enterprise Truck Rental

Website: Enterprise Truck, Bridgeport
Need a van for your commercial venture or a pickup truck for household needs? Enterprise Truck Rental is your go-to. Known for their broad range of vehicles, they specialize in providing the perfect transport solution.

U-Haul Moving & Storage of Clarksburg

Website: U-Haul, Clarksburg
From moving trucks and vans to packing supplies and storage solutions, U-Haul offers a comprehensive range of services to support your moving endeavors. The company emphasizes convenience, offering online reservations and a wide array of moving solutions.

Ryder Truck Rental and Leasing Branch Office

For those looking for a trusted name in car and truck rentals, Ryder’s branch in Bridgeport is a top choice. Their offerings include not only vehicle rentals but also expertise in supply chain management.


Website: Hertz
Hertz is a name synonymous with quality vehicle rental services. With a vast fleet and numerous locations worldwide, Hertz ensures a seamless rental experience. Whether you need a sedan for city travels or a truck for heavy-duty tasks, Hertz provides.

U-Haul Co.

Website: U-Haul
For those who prioritize convenience, U-Haul Co. specializes in truck and trailer rentals. Their services extend to hitch sales, installation, and even online reservations.

Merlin Express, Inc.

An all-rounder in the transportation industry, Merlin Express stands out with its unique blend of services. From trucking to aircraft charter and painting, they promise quality and reliability.

Budget Truck Rental

Website: Budget Truck, Clarksburg
Budget Truck Rental is synonymous with affordability without compromising quality. Their extensive range, from cargo vans to trailers, ensures that your transportation needs are met efficiently.

Frostys Preowned Autos

For those looking for pre-owned autos or a range of moving supplies, Frostys Preowned Autos in Bridgeport offers a curated selection. They stand out with their comprehensive services, from U-Haul rentals to storage solutions.

U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer

Website: U-Haul, Philippi
Another strong contender in the truck rental industry, the U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer emphasizes ease-of-use and efficiency. Whether for long-distance or local moves, they have you covered.

Ryder Consumer Truck Rental

Ryder remains a staple in Bridgeport’s truck rental industry, ensuring that consumers have access to a broad range of vehicles, from sedans to SUVs, tailored to their unique needs.

No matter your truck rental needs in Bridgeport, WV, this guide offers a comprehensive look into the top companies that can assist. From local moves to industrial equipment, these companies ensure your requirements are met with efficiency and reliability.

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