Brookfield’s Backbone: Veterans Organizations Making a Difference

A deep dive into the heroes behind the scenes, supporting our nation’s heroes on the frontline.

1. Brookfield Veterans Of Foreign Wars

This organization forms an essential part of the vast network of veterans’ support groups in Brookfield.

2. The American Legion Family

a) The American Legion Naval

Dedicated to not only organizing events but also fiercely advocating for veterans’ welfare, from pensions to health programs.

b) The American Legion Hiram J. Slifer

With a similar mission as its naval counterpart, this branch continues to provide unwavering support for its members.

c) The American Legion Edward Feely

This branch ensures that veterans and their families get the support they need.

d) The American Legion Emil Scheive

Another valuable addition to the American Legion family in Brookfield.

e) The American Legion

The overarching organization, taking charge of major events, celebrations, and lobbying initiatives.

f) American Legion Robert E. Coulter, Jr.

A dedicated branch focused on ensuring that veterans and their families receive the necessary care and support.

g) The American Legion Ervin A. Borlick

With its specialized focus on events and commemorative celebrations, this branch has been indispensable.

h) The American Legion Col. A. L. Brodie

The legacy of Col. A. L. Brodie is carried forward through this organization’s relentless service.

3. Vfw Post 2868

A pillar in the community, providing support to veterans and their families.

4. Veterans Memorial Vfw Post Incorporated

Ensuring that the sacrifices made by our heroes are never forgotten.

5. Va Great Lakes Health Care System (Visn 12)

A comprehensive healthcare delivery system, serving veterans across multiple states, and providing specialized services.

6. Paralyzed Veterans Of America Chicago

A beacon of hope for injured veterans, ensuring they receive the care and support they deserve.

7. Disabled American Veterans

An organization without a digital presence, yet their impact on the lives of veterans is immeasurable.

8. Berwyn VFW Hall Rentals

Providing a space for the community to come together and support veterans.

In the heart of Brookfield, these organizations are the unsung heroes behind the scenes. They ensure that our veterans, who have given so much for our nation, are taken care of. This guide serves as a tribute to their tireless work and dedication.

Written by Mobb

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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