Brooklyn’s Innovations: Exploring U.S. Startups Revolutionizing the Advertising Industry

January 28, 2024

Brooklyn, New York has a vibrant startup ecosystem that brings innovative ideas and fresh thinking to many industry sectors. The advertising industry is no exception, with a host of new start-ups launched in 2020 and beyond. These fledgling companies are redefining the landscape of advertising, marking significant strides in areas such as digital marketing, creativity, and analytics.

By combining vision, passion, and technologically-driven solutions, these Brooklyn-based companies are providing a new perspective on advertising, helping to shape the industry’s future. Creating solutions that align with the market’s needs, these startups are connecting with audiences in new and exciting ways.

Below, we shed light on ten such innovative companies, showcasing the strides they’ve made so far in the industry and how their services and experiences are impacting the advertising landscape.

Chalice Custom Algorithms

Chalice Custom Algorithms operates in Advertising, Analytics, Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, and TV Production. Its unique algorithm helps brands navigate complex marketing challenges, thus creating optimal advertising solutions. By combining data and creativity, they provide an intelligent approach to modern marketing. Visit their LinkedIn for more.


With an impressive expertise in Financial Services, Health, Wellness, and Education marketing, Clickd offers data-driven insights and creative solutions for businesses aiming for long-term growth. Their comprehensive approach merges traditional advertising with a deep understanding of the digital landscape. Discover more about Clickd on their LinkedIn page.

In Creative Co

In Creative Co, an Advertising, Creative Agency, and Marketing firm, platforms creativity and strategic thinking. Its unique value proposition lies in creating compelling narratives that drive brand engagement. Discover more about them on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Lopa offers a distinctive platform for DTC and E-commerce brands, aiming to optimize their podcast advertising performance and attract new customers. By combining automatically transcribed ad reads with complex sentiment/tone analysis, they aim to increase conversion rates. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


A creative agency with a unique name, bloopbleep merges creativity and business acumen to deliver top-notch marketing services. With a multidimensional approach to branding and marketing, they create campaigns that leave a lasting impact. More information on them is available on their LinkedIn page.

K2 Strategy

K2 Strategy prides itself on its capabilities in Advertising, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Lead Generation. With a keen focus on business growth, they provide effective marketing solutions that align with your strategic objectives. For more about their services, visit their LinkedIn page.

Bullish Studio

Bullish Studio is a new-age financial media studio embracing a creator-first model. They amplify unique conversations and perspectives about money, catering to the next generation of investors. Discover more about their mission and services on their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Puff Media

Specialized in advertising, Puff Media’s innovative practice provides solutions that match client’s needs with audience expectations. Through careful market analysis and strategy, they create effective ad campaigns to drive brand growth.

Digital CMI

Digital CMI focuses on Advertising and Digital Marketing. By leveraging digital platforms, they provide businesses with the necessary tools and strategies to capture audience attention and create meaningful interactions. More about them can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


SelectFew is redefining traditional advertising practices, offering an evolved system for modern marketing. By developing customizable, managed solutions, they deliver excellent services at different budget-levels. Learn more about their vision and solutions on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.


Joy is pioneering the future of Web3 media with their collaborative platform designed to support large-scale co-creation. Emphasizing on collaborative efforts, they aim to create a community around shared interests and pursuits. More about them can be found on their Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

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