Brooklyn’s Innovative IT Startups Transforming US Tech Landscape

January 28, 2024

Over the last couple of years, Brooklyn has emerged as a hotspot for exciting startups in the United States. Particularly in the Information Technology space, many innovative companies have been established since 2020. We take a look at some of these startups, showcasing their work, their founders and what they bring to the US tech industry. From AI to Robotics and from Software to Business Intelligence, these startups cover a wide spectrum of the IT industry and have become an integral part of the vibrant tech scene in Brooklyn, New York.

In this article, we’ve listed major startups based in Brooklyn, which have rapidly changed the tech landscape over the last few years. From open-source RPA platforms to digital media companies, we’ve highlighted startups aiming to reshape industries and the ways in which we work. While some startups focus on software development and services and others on embedded systems or artificial intelligence, all are helping to solidify Brooklyn’s role as a major tech hub in the United States.

Each of the startups were established in 2020, or later and are contributing significantly to the growth and development of the technology scene in the city. Each startup specializes in a specific area of tech, be it Information Services, Digital Media, Task Management, and others. Let’s take a closer look at these Brooklyn-based startups that are making a difference in various industries and sectors of the economy.


OpenBots was founded by Ashish Nangla and specialises in Information Services, and Information Technology. The company is driven by its open source RPA platform, empowering companies to profitably scale their RPA programs. The company’s socials include LinkedIn and they can be reached on Twitter under the handle @OpenBotsAI.


Charter, founded by Erin Grau, Jay Lauf, and Kevin Delaney is dedicated to transforming every workplace and spark a new era of dynamic organizations where all workers can thrive. Specializing in Digital Media, Information Services, and Information Technology, they engage with their community via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as @charterworks.


With founders Benjamin De Groot and Peter Valdez at the helm, Shipyard dedicates itself to create tools for developers that enhance processes with ephemeral environments and release management. Shipyard’s services fall under the purview of Developer Tools, Information Technology, and Software. Their Twitter handle is @shipyardbuild.


Operating in Information Technology, Software, and Task Management, Inch is another noteworthy tech startup in Brooklyn. They engage with their audience via LinkedIn, Facebook, and their Twitter handle, @tryinch.


Lager, founded by Evan Haas, offers a unique platform for testing, with a focus on safety, reliability, and security for embedded systems. Their engaging presence on LinkedIn and Twitter (@lagerdata), offers followers insights into their operations.

Hidden Door

Founded by Hilary Mason and Matt Brandwein, Hidden Door is introducing a game technology platform, transforming fiction into an infinite social role-playing experience. Engage with Hidden Door on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter @hiddendoorco.


Auxilius founded by Adam Weisman is changing the game providing clinical trial financial management software for Biopharma. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter @Auxiliustech.


With a team of founders comprising Alex Rawitz, Andy Chatham, and Rob Solomon, DIMO offers a user-owned connected vehicle platform. They can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter @DIMO_Network.

Press Hook

Founded by Michelle Songy, Press Hook is revolutionizing PR by connecting media to brands and publicists at scale. Engage with them on LinkedIn.


Originscale, founded by Bhaskar Ahuja, specializes in a wide range of IT services ranging from Blockchain to Business Intelligence and from Productivity Tools to Supply Chain Management.


Founded by Diana Hsieh, John Pena, and Tim Geisenheimer, Correlated is focused on helping sales teams convert more free trials and expand revenue. They maintain an active presence on LinkedIn.

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