Brooklyn’s New Wave: Spotlight on US-based Analytics Startups

January 3, 2024


The Analytics industry is a rapidly growing sector and many innovative startups are the driving force behind this growth. Keen to redefine and disrupt traditional business models, these startups leverage data-driven insights to deliver superior outcomes and competitive advantages in their respective industries. Brooklyn, New York, a vibrant hub of creative and entrepreneurial energy, is home to a number of these cutting-edge Analytical startups that have launched in 2020 or thereafter. This article reflects on some of the influential players in the Analytics field with their headquarters resting in this borough.

Brooklyn is witnessing a wave of fast-emerging startups like Groundwork, Chalice Custom Algorithms, SweepLift, Prixview, Coleridge Initiative and Preql, who are all set to revolutionize the Analytics industry. From leveraging machine learning techniques to offering data-driven marketing solutions, these startups work on diverse verticals within the Analytics space. Here, we delve deeper into their core competencies and offerings.

Join us, as we embark on a journey to appreciate the creativity and technological prowess of these startups, which are an embodiment of the expanding tech landscape in Brooklyn.


Co-founded by Beth Calhoun-Leipold and Julian De Ocampo, Groundwork leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Their tailored data management and predictive solutions are designed to lead to smarter, safer, and more cost-effective infrastructure monitoring, design, and construction.

Chalice Custom Algorithms

Chalice Custom Algorithms, operating in the intersection of Digital Marketing, Advertising and Analytics, offers advanced proprietary algorithms to brand and TV production industries. They can be found on LinkedIn here.

SweepLift, Inc.

Founded by Keith Wright, SweepLift offers a proprietary Creative Experiments platform along with white-glove services enabling a turn-key creative insights solution. Their platform allows marketers to collect and analyze audience behavioral data and transform these insights into creative intelligence. Follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Founded by Lucy Davis and Robert Gierkink, Prixview aims at raising the awareness, knowledge, and following of Jumping sport by utilizing Analytics and Information Services. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Coleridge Initiative

Co-founded by Rayid Ghani, the Coleridge Initiative provides a secure platform to host confidential micro-data, thereby transforming the empirical foundation of social and health sciences research. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Gabi Steele and Leah Weiss in 2022, Preql integrates with the modern data stack to empower business users and manage business metrics. You can follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

The mentioned startups exemplify Brooklyn’s vibrant tech ecosystem. They are not only leading the change, but also fostering a spirit of innovation, fueled by their commitment to leveraging data and analytics to engineer new value propositions.


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