California-based US Startups Innovating in the Adult Industry Scene

January 3, 2024

California has always been a ground-breaking state in many aspects, with a rich history of entrepreneurial spirit, diversity and resilience. The state is home to many innovative startups that have become trailblazers in their respective industries, spearheading changes and pushing boundaries. Among these promising companies are those operating in the adult or young adult sectors, including healthcare, legal support, training and personal health. Despite having an inception of 2020 or later, these startups have already taken significant strides in serving the needs of their target demographics.

From Los Angeles to Fresno, Oakland to San Diego, these startups have harnessed the power of innovation, determination, and creative problem-solving to make a significant impact. Spanning a diverse range of industries and niches within the adult sector, these companies are testament to the power of entrepreneurial grit and vision. Please join us as we take a closer look at these startups, sending ripples through the adult industry.

As we navigate through this list, we invite you to explore their websites, deepen your understanding of their missions and perhaps, you will be inspired by their stories as we are.


Based in Los Angeles, MedTruly is a healthcare company providing personalized care for adults. The company offers an array of services, delivering care to prevent hospitalization and costly re-admissions. Their focus areas include obesity, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, tobacco addiction, mental health disorders, chronic kidney disease, and cancer.

Community Justice Center

Located in Fresno, the Community Justice Center is a non-profit organization offering legal support. The center is dedicated to justice advocacy and works with community stakeholders to help individuals in the adult sector navigate the legal system.

Catalyst Youth Network

The Oakland-based Catalyst Youth Network is a nonprofit organization working to promote equity among underserved youth. The organization collaborates with community partners and volunteers, providing resources, mentoring, and training for teenagers in need.

Appa Health

Also based in Oakland, Appa Health aims to provide personalized care to ensure teens’ mental and emotional well-being. Their approach combines technology and therapy in a unique way, employing TikTok-style video-based care course and ensuring teens implement the skills they are learning.

San Diego Family Circle

The San Diego-based San Diego Family Circle is a healthcare company offering therapeutic services for adults. The company works diligently to provide comprehensive medical care that caters to the needs of their patients.

Neriziona Entertainment

Founded by Faromance Flix, Neriziona Entertainment is a YouTube-based multi-entertainment digital network based in Los Angeles. The channel showcases a myriad of content genres from fairytales, romance, sci-fi, to comedy and political views, striving to deliver positive stories, motivational speaking, and viewer engaging content.

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