Chicago’s Flourishing Legal Startups: Innovative US-based Legal Tech Revolution

January 27, 2024

Chicago, Illinois is a burgeoning hub for legal tech startups. Founded in 2020 and beyond, these companies are leveraging the latest technology to streamline and simplify the legal process, offering innovative solutions for both professionals and consumers. With a range of focus areas from consulting and software to health care and cybersecurity, these startups are reshaping the legal landscape.

As a major player in the US startup scene, Chicago is home to several legal tech startups that stand out for their innovation and service offerings. From cloud-based platform management to automated mediation services, these startups offer a diverse array of tools that both simplify and modernize the legal industry. More than just providers of legal tech solutions, these companies are pioneers in their field, leveraging technological advancements to drive meaningful change.

Here, we shed light on these inspiring ventures, highlighting what they have to offer to the legal industry. We will delve into their founding stories, their offered services, and their potential impact on the legal tech scene in Chicago and beyond.

Mitena Partners, by CCC

An affiliate of Chicago Clearing Corporation, upstart Mitena Partners is the brainchild of industry pioneer James Tharin. The company specializes in consulting, internet, legal tech and software. They have revolutionized claim processing through their cloud-based platform Login.Claims. Connect with them on

Chicago Clearing, Mitena Partners, Login.Claims, LinkedIn, and Facebook


JurorSearch is a leading name in the legal tech domain, specializing in creating high-end professional software. They have left a mark on Twitter with their handle @jurorsearch. Connect with them on LinkedIn to learn more about their services.


HyperSettle presents a novel approach to legal resolution with its automated mediation service using real-world data to provide acceptable settlements for both parties. Find out more about HyperSettle on LinkedIn.


Receptify is a comprehensive solution that empowers sexual violence survivors on college campuses by reducing barriers to recovery and rehabilitation. You can learn more about their contribution to legal tech scene on LinkedIn.

New Era ADR

Founded by Collin Williams, Michelle Tyler, Rich Lee, and Shane Mulrooney, New Era ADR has revolutionized dispute resolution with their fully-digital platform, saving organizations and individuals up to 90% in time and expenses. Contact them on LinkedIn to know more.

Ana Law LLC

Ana Law LLC, founded by Ana Juneja, specializes in Intellectual Property Law. Based in Chicago, Illinois, they have diverse reach on @analawfirm, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Enduir Cyber

Michael Picton, Mike Chada, and Sean Curran co-founded Enduir Cyber to provide a whole suite of cybersecurity solutions, including digital forensics and ransomware recovery. Connect with them on LinkedIn to learn more about their services.


Chicago-based DebtErasers provides customized legal and advice services to help individuals manage their debt. You can connect with them on @DebtErasers, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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