Chicago’s Rising Manufacturing Startups Reshaping U.S. Industrial Landscape

January 26, 2024

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a significant shift thanks to emerging startups leveraging cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize the sector. Particularly, a new breed of startups founded in 2020 and later, based in Chicago, Illinois, United States, are making notable strides, transforming how businesses operate in this sphere. This piece highlights these startups who are making waves in their respective fields.

These companies, driven by the spirit of redefining standards, are leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and the internet of things (IoT) to drive efficiency and productivity. Combining innovative solutions with resilient business strategies, these Chicago-based startups are playing a key role in shaping the future of the manufacturing industry.

Let’s explore these startups in more depth, examining their missions, operations and the impact they are making within their respective niches in the manufacturing industry.

AIRO (The AIRO Group)

AIRO operates in the aerospace and manufacturing sector, applying technologies from military and defense along with a variety of aerospace applications. These span data systems, resupply package delivery, military aerospace training, and commercial manned/unmanned aircraft systems and avionics technologies.

The Partner Companies

The Partner Companies operates within the realm of industrial engineering and machinery manufacturing. The company works to bring forward innovative manufacturing solutions to clients across the globe.


Founded by Ilayda Buyukdogan and Selim Coskun Guler, Compocket is at the crossroads of electronics, hardware, and industrial manufacturing. Their mission is to enable test & measurements through compact, smart, practical solutions.

Avivo BioOptics

Avivo BioOptics operates in the biotechnology, healthcare, and manufacturing fields, providing vital manufacturing solutions in the realm of medical devices.

GK Foods

GK Foods is a manufacturing startup that focuses on the food and beverage industry. They offer innovative, quality solutions for the food production sector.

Holland Green Science

Holland Green Science designs and manufactures extraction and processing equipment for various industries. The company also provides consultation and retail services.

AH Blackmore

Founded by April Blackmore, AH Blackmore is a consulting startup that works at the manufacturing and assembly floor level to enable businesses to achieve breakthrough results.

Formic Technologies

Launched by Misa Ilkhechi and Saman Farid, Formic Technologies aims to make automation deployments simple and straightforward, thereby increasing the overall output. They are focused on unlocking robotic automation in labor-starved sectors.

Hyfé Foods

Founded by Andrea Schoen and Michelle Ruiz, Hyfé Foods is a biotech company that produces ingredients using fungal fermentation to upcycle water byproducts from food manufacturers.


Pacas, founded by Christian Arquilla, is a startup offering alpaca wool socks and apparel, standing apart for its unique product line.

AION Prosthetics

Led by a team featuring Ben Satterlee, Charlie Erdman, Joshua Becker, and Samuel Christianson, AION Prosthetics develops prosthetic systems that provide adjustable, durable, and affordable options to amputees. The company’s unique approach to robotics and socket design takes an innovative path in the prosthetics field.

Each of these startups showcases the vibrant, evolving face of manufacturing in Chicago. Their innovative visions and pioneering solutions have the potential to transform the industry, pushing boundaries and defining new norms. It will be exciting to watch their journeys as they continue to evolve and impact the manufacturing landscape.

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