Cos Cob’s Construction Innovators: A Showcase of Talent and Craftsmanship

Exploring the Pioneers Reshaping the Face of Cos Cob’s Construction Landscape

1. William S Dunster Landscape

While details about this company are sparse, their vast array of categories speaks to their versatility in the construction landscape.

2. Greenwich Modular LLC

Crafting modern modular homes that meet contemporary needs, Greenwich Modular LLC stands at the intersection of efficiency and design.

3. Damsels In Distress

  • Categories: General contractor, Building Consultants, Remodeling, and more.

With a name as intriguing as their services, this company combines traditional construction services with expert consultation.

4. Belmont Builders Incorporated

  • Categories: General contractor, Home Construction, Remodeling Services, and more.

Dedicated to both fresh constructions and transformative renovations, Belmont Builders are reputed for turning visions into reality.

5. Greenwich Millwork Co Inc

  • Categories: General Contractors, Building Construction, Single-Family Housing Construction, and more.

Greenwich Millwork brings together art and architecture to produce unique, yet deeply functional buildings.

6. Odell Construction Inc

  • Website:
  • Categories: General Contractors, Home Renovation, Construction Company, and more.

Odell Construction’s expertise in home renovation breathes fresh life into old structures, merging the charm of the past with the conveniences of the present.

7. Pratley Company, LLC

  • Website:
  • Description: An experienced crew, detailed estimates, and a record of timely deliveries make The Pratley Company a homeowner’s dream partner.
  • Categories: Home Builder, Remodeling, Custom Home Building, and more.

8. Kirkpatrick Construction

  • Categories: Construction Company.

Kirkpatrick Construction remains a cornerstone in Cos Cob’s construction scene, delivering quality with every project.

9. Broadbent Construction

10. Green-Ridge Building Group, llc

  • Website:
  • Categories: Construction Company.

These master builders bring an artistic flair to their constructions, turning each project into a masterpiece.

11. DNCK Construction General Contractor

Combining robust construction with impeccable design, DNCK stands out for their holistic approach.

12. G Francis Roofing Inc

  • Website:
  • Description: Specializing in re-roofs, this company offers comprehensive roofing solutions with free on-site estimates.
  • Categories: Roofing Contractor, Gutter Installation Service, Leak Detection, and more.

13. Wernert Constr Managmnt Llc

  • Website:
  • Categories: Custom home builder, Service, Construction Services.

The custom constructions by Wernert are a reflection of their client’s aspirations and dreams.

14. Richard Howe Custom Remodeling-Restoration

  • Website:
  • Categories: Construction Company, Window Installation Service, General contractor, and more.

Richard Howe marries remodeling with restoration, preserving the authenticity of spaces while adapting them to modern needs.

15. Jts Construction & Build Inc

  • Categories: Construction Company.

Jts Construction stands as a testament to the blend of innovation and traditional craftsmanship that characterizes Cos Cob’s construction scene.

These diverse companies highlight the richness and variety in Cos Cob’s construction industry. From landscape artistry to state-of-the-art modular homes, Cos Cob is undeniably on the construction map.

Written by Mobb

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