Covina’s Elite: The Tire Titans of California

September 8, 2023

Pep Boys

A century-strong in the auto business, Pep Boys Covina is the one-stop-shop for everything your vehicle could need. From auto repairs to towing, they boast of ASE certified mechanics that guarantee quality and efficiency.
Specialties: Tire Shop, Auto Repair, Oil Change, Wheel Alignment, and more.

Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube is Covina’s leading auto maintenance provider. With a myriad of services under their belt, routine car maintenance has never been more convenient.
Specialties: Oil Change, Brake Service, Wheel Alignment, and more.

Custom Whitewall/TiresAre Russ

If custom is what you’re looking for, Custom Whitewall/Tires Are Russ should be your destination. Their extensive range of tire and wheel services caters to every vehicle need.
Specialties: Tire Shop, Brake Service, Wheel Repair, and more.

RAW Wheels & Tires

A straightforward tire shop in Covina, RAW Wheels & Tires is perfect for those on the lookout for simplicity and reliability.
Specialties: Tire Shop.

Tucker Tire Co Incorporated

Housing the largest inventory of tires and wheels in San Gabriel Valley, Tucker Tire Company, Inc. stands tall in the tire industry.
Specialties: Tire Shop, Auto Repair, and more.

Tire Zone – Covina

A dedicated tire shop in Covina, Tire Zone specializes in ensuring that your vehicle runs smoothly.
Specialties: Tire Shop.


From repairs to retail, JueMotors offers a range of automotive services to cater to all car-related needs.
Specialties: Auto Repair, Tire Dealer, and more.

Grand Tire

Grand Tire isn’t just about tires. Their wide array of services makes them a comprehensive automotive service provider in Covina.
Specialties: Tire Shop, Auto Repair, Brake Service, and more.

Genesis Automotive Service

With a focus on comprehensive auto care, Genesis Automotive Service ensures your car is always at its best.
Specialties: Auto Repair, Tire Dealer, and more.

Leo Brown’s Complete Auto Care

Leo Brown’s Complete Auto Care promises end-to-end auto care, making sure your vehicle stays in top-notch condition.
Specialties: Auto Repair, Tire Dealer, and more.

Sunland Tire Company

For all-around vehicle servicing, from oil changes to tire replacements, Sunland Tire Company has got you covered.
Specialties: Auto Repair, Tire Shop, and more.

Sornoso’s Auto – Oil Change, Brakes, and Smog

Sornoso Automotive is Covina’s trusted partner for extensive auto repair services. Their commitment to customer satisfaction makes them stand out.
Specialties: Auto Repair, Smog Inspection, Tire Shop, and more.

American Tire Depot

For tire enthusiasts, American Tire Depot is the go-to spot in Covina, specializing in various tire brands and types.
Specialties: Tire Shop.

Tucker Service Co

Offering a broad spectrum of auto services, Tucker Service Co ensures your vehicle gets the best of care and attention.
Specialties: Manufacturer, Auto Repair, Tire Service, and more.

Firestone Retailer

An iconic name in the tire industry, Firestone provides top-grade tires suitable for various vehicle types in Covina.
Specialties: Tire Shop.

As Covina’s auto scene thrives, these prominent tire and auto service companies continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the industry landscape, delivering unmatched service and innovation.

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