Crafting Excellence: The Master Cabinet Makers of Farmingdale, NJ

August 18, 2023

T. Henry Cabinets & Woodworking, LLC

T. Henry Cabinets & Woodworking, LLC are renowned for high-end, custom cabinet making and woodworking. From stunning kitchen cabinets to unique wood furniture, they are masters in transforming wood into art.
Categories: Cabinet Maker, Cabinet & Countertop Store

MJM Woodworking

MJM Woodworking is a name synonymous with quality in Farmingdale and the wider Monmouth County area. Whether restoring grand old woodwork or transforming kitchens and bathrooms, MJM is a one-stop solution.
Categories: Various, including Cabinet Maker, Remodeling Contractor, and Custom Built Ins

Architectural Cabinet Technologies

This company excels in bridging design with functionality, providing a wide array of cabinets that are as reliable as they are aesthetically pleasing.
Categories: Dealers, Cabinet Makers, Cabinet & Cabinet Makers

Ingrained Handcrafted Cabinetry & Furniture

Ingrained Handcrafted Cabinetry & Furniture specializes in distinctive and durable pieces that embody true craftsmanship. Check their work here.
Categories: Cabinet Maker, Cabinet & Countertop Store

R Daniel Morin Morin Inc

This company has proven expertise in crafting wood to create dream spaces. Their excellence in cabinet making is equally matched by their construction and carpentry skills.
Categories: Cabinet Maker, Construction, Carpentry Work

Rusterholz Woodworking

Rusterholz Woodworking crafts pieces that are not just furniture, but statements. Their custom pieces are each a testament to the art of woodworking. Visit their website for more information.
Categories: Home Decor, Cabinet Maker, Cabinet Makers

Vaccaro Brothers Kitchen & Bath

Experts in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, Vaccaro Brothers Kitchen & Bath is committed to rejuvenating your living spaces. Learn more at Vaccaro Brothers’ website.
Categories: Various, including Kitchen Remodeler, Bathroom Remodeler, and Cabinet Maker

Furniture Medic by Replacements and More

From restoring antiques to repairing everyday furniture, Furniture Medic is the go-to solution for all furniture needs.
Categories: Furniture Repair Shop, Painter, Cabinet Maker, Furniture Store

TFS Kitchens

When it comes to reimagining your kitchen space, TFS Kitchens specializes in efficient and cost-effective refacing solutions.
Categories: Kitchen Remodeler, Cabinet Refacing Specialist, Cabinet Maker

Pilgram Pride

A name that stands for quality and excellence, Pilgram Pride specializes in cabinet making that speaks to a blend of traditional techniques and modern design.
Categories: Cabinet Maker

Jdt Cabinets

From homes to businesses, Jdt Cabinets creates pieces that are functional, stylish, and built to last.
Categories: Cabinet Maker, Furniture Stores, Furnishing

Coin Kitchen Cabinetry & The Vanity Warehouse

For elegant, high-quality cabinets and more, visit Coin Kitchen Cabinetry & The Vanity Warehouse.
Categories: Cabinet Maker, Home Improvement, Cabinet & Countertop Store

Sebastian Woodworking

With an artisan’s touch, Sebastian Woodworking produces cabinets and millwork that are as sturdy as they are beautiful. Visit their website to see their outstanding work.
Categories: Cabinet Maker, Dealers, Contractor, Millwork, Cabinet Makers

Design Line Kitchens

For kitchens that are as practical as they are picturesque, Design Line Kitchens is a trusted name.
Categories: Kitchen Planning & Installation, Kitchen Remodeler, Construction Company, Cabinet Maker

On The Level Counter Tops

Specializing in countertops and cabinets, On The Level Counter Tops is committed to elevating the heart of your home.
Categories: Cabinet Maker, Countertop Store, Cabinet & Countertop Store


Farmingdale, NJ is more than a town; it is a hub of woodworking craftsmanship and design expertise. These companies are not merely in the business of cabinet making; they are artisans breathing life into wood, transforming spaces into pieces of art that are as functional as they are beautiful. Whether you are embarking on a new construction project, remodeling a beloved space, or seeking a unique piece of furniture, Farmingdale’s community of skilled cabinet makers is here to serve your needs with a level of artistry that is beyond compare.

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