Denver’s Innovative Analytics Startups Revolutionizing the US Industry Landscape

January 2, 2024
The city of Denver stands out as an epicenter of technological innovation and entrepreneurship. A hub teeming with creative energy, dynamism, and a growing cadre of startups. It’s impossible to overlook the outstanding progress and transformations that businesses in the analytics industry have achieved. With an inception in 2020 or later, these young companies have hit the ground running, introducing breakthrough advancements in their respective fields. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on these deserving Denver startups, from the information services and software sectors to the IT and professional services.Notable among these is the influx of startups leveraging the power of data to improve business processes, enrich decision-making and enhance user experiences. By harnessing and interpretating vast amounts of data, these startups are offering fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to contemporary challenges.

Each startup in this rundown has carved its unique footprint within the analytics industry. As we journey through each company’s bio, expect to glean insights around what they do, the industry they belong to, who founded them, and how they are reshaping the world with their cutting-edge solutions. Ready? Let’s dive in:


ForceMetrics is a technology platform transforming decision-making to build safer communities. By streamlining data exploration and analytics across systems, we empower public safety professionals to make data-driven decisions for the benefit of the community.

Cities, departments, and security teams rely on ForceMetrics to improve workflows, optimize performance, and provide unprecedented access to information, so they can mitigate risks, tackle social challenges, and serve their communities more effectively.

You can find them on and LinkedIn for more information.

G2M Insights

Derek Azuara, Garrett Sznip, and Pierre Elisseeff are the brains behind G2M Insights. As a Denver-based business and technology consulting firm, G2M focuses on creating tailored solutions to help enterprise clients leverage their data ecosystem to enhance their go-to-market strategies, operations, and execution. Check them out on LinkedIn and follow them on @g2m_insights on Twitter.

Acru Solutions

Specializing in accounting, financial reporting, taxes, and data analytics, Acru Solutions provides a variety of professional services. Ranging from monthly GAAP or Cash closes to AP & AR processing and management, expense management, payroll processing, and inventory costing. Learn more about Acru Solutions on their LinkedIn and Facebook platforms.

Elevated Data Insights

Elevated Data Insights stands out in the Analytics, Cloud Computing, Internet, and IT Management sectors. They’re on LinkedIn.


Branching out in the Analytics, Computer, Recruiting, and Software industries, Aptanx has quickly made an impression. Visit their LinkedIn page for further details.

Pluto Biosciences

Founded by Rani Powers, Pluto Biosciences operates as a B2B SaaS platform empowering researchers to explore their data and make meaningful, high-quality discoveries swiftly. Did you know you can upload data and run statistics- and machine learning-based analyses on their platform? Check out their LinkedIn page and follow them on Twitter @tryplutobio.

Icy Tools

In the realm of Cryptocurrency and Analytics, Icy Tools is an NFT analytics platform that enhances and indexes blockchain data, providing in-depth market insights and developer tools. Follow Icy Tools on @icy_tools on Twitter for the latest updates.

Magenta Care Continuum

Magenta Care Continuum operates within the Analytics, Health Care, and Risk Management industries. Find them on LinkedIn for more details.

Silver Creek Insights

In the Analytics, Data Visualization, Information Technology, and Software sector, Silver Creek Insights has marked its territory. For more information, check out their LinkedIn page.

Velocity Insight

As masters of Advice, Analytics, Consulting, and Training services, Velocity Insight’s multi-disciplinary team skillfully creates robust business intelligence data solutions. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Last but not least, Ravience specializes in Analytics, Information Technology, Technical Support, and Training. Their services include help desk, live chat, omnichannel support, hiring, training, among others. Check them out on their LinkedIn page.

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