Emerging AgTech Innovators in Washington: US-Based Startup Spotlight

January 3, 2024

The rise of AgTech startups has reached the Pacific Northwest, painting a promising future for sustainable farming. These entrepreneurs have taken on the call to fuse technology with agricultural practices, transforming the way we manage our resources and interact with the environment. We now present to you some of the inspiring AgTech startups in Washington that were founded in 2020 or later.

These startups are making strides in various sectors within the industry, including farming, environmental consulting, industrial agriculture, financial services, and livestock. By harnessing technology, they are enhancing efficiency, profitability, and sustainability in agriculture. From cellular-connected devices for irrigation management to ecosystem design services, these organizations are making waves in the field. Let’s take a look at these groundbreaking ventures.

Established in the quaint city of Burlington, CODA Farm Technologies takes you to the cutting edge of agricultural technology, aiming to revolutionize farm management and increase efficiency.

CODA Farm Technologies

Co-founded by Connor Wallace and David Wallace, CODA Farm Technologies equips agricultural enterprises with the tools they need to streamline operations. Its flagship product, FarmHQ, is a cellular-connected device capable of being integrated with any irrigation pump or hose reel. Providing real-time monitoring and user-defined automations, it enables farmers to manage their equipment remotely and keep comprehensive records. Follow them on @codafarmtech on Twitter and Facebook, or connect with them on LinkedIn.

Ecological Design Network

Based in Spokane, the Ecological Design Network offers regenerative ecosystem design services. They enable agricultural organizations to reduce input costs while increasing biodiversity. Though scanty on founders’ information, this startup is nonetheless creating a significant impact within the AgTech industry. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Lithos Carbon

Lithos Carbon, stationed in Seattle, develops carbon capture technology for farms. Founded in March 2022, the company’s mission is to transform farmland into carbon capture centers, thereby removing CO2 from the atmosphere while enhancing crop yields. You can follow them on Twitter @lithoscarbon or connect with them on LinkedIn.


Also based in Seattle, Burgeon is developing an automatic vertical farm. Founded by Haridas Moodley, the startup uses a subscription model to deliver fresh produce directly from harvest in densely populated city areas.


Founded by Kamal Narra in Washington, DC, Kestrel is a data-driven neobank that connects financial service providers with emerging agricultural markets. Follow them on Twitter @kestrelfinance or connect with them on LinkedIn.


Started by Phuc Thach in Pullman, OM.FARM digitalizes traditional farming by allowing virtual farmers to partner with traditional farmers in share leasing agreements. Follow them on Twitter @officialomfarm, Facebook OfficialOMFarm or connect with them on LinkedIn.

The AgTech industry, like the startups featured here, is a dynamic field marked by innovation and a commitment to both economic profitability and environmental sustainability. Keep an eye on these changemakers as their efforts continue to shape the landscape of sustainable farming and our future.

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