Emerging Charlotte-Based Advertising Startups: Revolutionizing The US Industry Scene

January 3, 2024

In the past few years, the rapidly evolving advertising industry has undergone a significant transformation, benefitting immensely from technological advancements and innovative strategies. Charlotte, North Carolina, with its thriving startup scene, has become a fertile ground for advancement in the advertising sector. In this post, we bring you a snapshot of some promising advertising startups headquartered in Charlotte, conceived and established in 2020 or later.

These startups are enhancing creativity, redefining marketing strategies, and setting new standards with innovative approaches. From digital marketing consultants to full-service marketing agencies, the startups pooled here are becoming the driving force behind a transformative advertising landscape in the Queen City.

Listed below are some standout advertising startups based in Charlotte that have been making significant contributions since their inception:


Trendline, an innovative operator in the Advertising, Content, and Marketing sector, delivers unique marketing solutions and captivating content to businesses. You can find more about Trendline on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Pyrpaw Marketing

With its compelling blend of Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, and Social Media Management, Pyrpaw Marketing is a one-stop solution for small businesses seeking digital transformation. They can be reached on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Invincible Events Marketing

Specializing in Advertising, Marketing, and Training, Invincible Events Marketing offers unrivalled marketing services, leaving their clientele excited. They also have a significant presence on LinkedIn.

Mad Goat Studio

Mad Goat Studio, serving businesses in Advertising, Graphic Design, Printing, and Web Design sectors, offers innovative services ranging from brand positioning to environment design. Follow their LinkedIn for more.


Dapper excels in Advertising, Graphic Design, Marketing, Printing, Social Media, and Web Design. Their remarkable services include logo creation, social media management, and much more. Visit their LinkedIn and Facebook for more.

Your Business Is Awesome

The brainchild of Duncan Littlefield, Your Business Is Awesome, is an Advertising agency that enables businesses to effectively communicate their value proposition. You can learn more on their LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Alexander Pettus, Wrapple redefines the advertising game by pairing businesses with vehicle owners for ad spaces. This unique Out of Home Advertising platform is a game-changer in the Advertising and PaaS industries. More information can be found on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

These startups are not only transforming the advertising landscape in Charlotte but are also providing remarkable solutions to businesses across industries. They are displaying innovation and creativity in streamlining their practices and are playing an integral role in setting new benchmarks in Charlotte’s startup scene and the advertising industry as a whole.

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