Emerging Chicago-based Fintech Startups Revolutionizing US Financial Services

January 29, 2024

The startup landscape has undergone a vast transformation in recent years. Companies that began as small ventures have shown extraordinary growth, especially those operating within the Financial Services industry. Chicago, Illinois, a pivotal financial hub in the United States, has seen an influx of these startups. This article aims to showcase promising startups launched in 2020 or later, operating in the Financial Services sector within Chicago. These startups are tackling very different areas within the sector, leveraging unique technologies, and are intent on redefining the future of finance.

From Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to Consulting and Medical Financial Services, these startups display diverse areas of specialization. What unifies them is their innovative approach and vision for a future where financial operations are seamless and universally accessible. Dear readers, we present a roundup of some of these Chicago-based startups that are shaping the future of financial services.

Each of these companies brings something unique to the table. Some are solving complex challenges within the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain space, while others are making leaps in Big Data and Fintech or spearheading change in services like Accounting and Consulting. Their goals may be different, but their drive for innovation is shared – it’s the fabric of their existence and the catalyst propelling them towards new frontiers.

ML Tech

ML Tech, founded by Leo Mindyuk and Markus Leballeux, is a FinTech startup that is building the next-generation trading platform within the crypto asset space. By providing institutional investors with access to world-class quant trading strategies in the crypto markets, the startup is carving a niche for itself in the FinTech space. Their mission is clear – leverage their deep knowledge in crypto, quantitative finance, technology, engineering, and business to ensure success for their investors.

Yield Protocol

Yield Protocol was founded by Allan Niemerg to bring fixed-term, fixed-rate lending to decentralized finance. Launched in 2020, Yield Protocol is developing a decentralized lending protocol that is set to redefine the way lending functions within the finance sector.

Genesis Volatility

Genesis Volatility is a crypto options analytics platform utilized by traders to find an edge and capture alpha. Although the founders remain anonymous, the impact and potential of their platform speak volumes about their ability to innovate.

Domination Finance

Domination Finance, founded by Adrian Kolody, Jordan Mynes, Josh Bowden, and Michal Cymbalisty, is revolutionizing the way traders handle financial instruments. Their platform is an ethereum app that allows users to long or short Bitcoin Dominance, enabling trading in the cryptocurrency market.

Pink Swan Trading

Another player in the cryptocurrency market, Pink Swan Trading, is a cryptocurrency data studio. Although the founders remain anonymous, the startup’s dedication to providing accurate cryptocurrency data is helping to shape this ever-evolving industry.

KFN Accounting & Financial Solutions

Founded by Kyle Nader, KFN Accounting & Financial Solutions is a team of business professionals providing a range of services from Strategy, Operations to Finance and Accounting. This startup is serving start-ups and small-to-medium-sized businesses with their unique challenges and business operations.


NEWITY, founded by David Cody and Luke LaHaie, is a player in the banking and consulting industry. Although the company has not disclosed much information about its operations, its work is expected to redefine the way businesses operate within this sector.

Kula Investments

Kula Investments, founded by Senthil Sundaram, has carved a niche for itself in the domain of big data, financial services, and FinTech. While additional company information remains under wraps, its groundbreaking work in the fintech sector sets it apart.

PACE Healthcare Capital

PACE Healthcare Capital, founded by Julia Monfrini Peev in 2020, is an early-stage VC firm that supports the healthcare of tomorrow. It provides financial and human capital to digital healthcare and health technology companies that aim to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce costs.


Bonside, founded by Neha Govindraj, connects businesses with funding opportunities. It measures its success in fundamentals rather than press releases and is focused on impact rather than ownership.

Genius Guild

Genius Guild, founded by Darlene Gillard Jones and Kathryn Finney, is a business creation platform that supports market-driven innovations to end racism. Using a venture studio model, the company invests in Black entrepreneurs building scalable businesses to serve black communities and beyond.

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