Emerging Denver-based Healthcare Startups Revolutionizing US Medical Landscape

January 26, 2024

The U.S. healthcare ecosystem is continuously evolving, and a significant part of this change is being driven by new age startups. Innovative solutions, ground-breaking technologies, and an inherent sense of addressing persistent health care challenges mark these startups. Located within the United States and established in or after 2020, these companies are playing pivotal roles in reshaping the healthcare industry. One city that stands out for housing these healthcare startups is Denver, Colorado. From artificial intelligence to biotechnology, these companies in Denver are marked by their innovative approaches to health and medicine.

We’ve put together a list of these trailblazing Denver-based startups that, despite their recent inceptions, are already making waves in the healthcare industry. Each startup listed below offers a brief description of their mission and the founders who have helped bring them to life.



Founded by Andrew Luna, Austin Huff, Austin Villarreal, and Aydan Zeynalova, Hound is transforming work in veterinary medicine. Offering a recruitment and employee engagement software platform, Hound aims to create a healthier culture, a stronger workforce, and greater access to care for pet owners. Link to LinkedIn profile.

Soar Autism Center

Soar Autism Center, founded by Ian Goldstein and Jennifer Goldstein in 2020, builds a network of interdisciplinary clinics that provide therapy plus diagnostic services for young children with autism. The Center provides in-center naturalistic ABA therapy, ESDM, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and mental health support all under one roof. Soar Autism Center is based in Denver, Colorado. Link to LinkedIn profile.


Katherine Wells founded Serenity, a HIPAA-compliant communication platform that drives revenue, increases retention, and improves online reputation while helping older adults live more independently. Link to LinkedIn profile.


Founded by Abby Mercado, Kristyn Hodgdon, Peregrin Marshall, Rescripted is a global media platform for fertility, reaching over 9M people monthly and providing content, tools, and resources for wherever you are in your reproductive lifecycle.

Foresight Diagnostics

Founded by Ash Alizadeh, David Kurtz, Jake Chabon, Maximillian Diehn, Foresight Diagnostics develops a revolutionary liquid biopsy test for the measurement of minimal residual disease to assist in patient management. Link to LinkedIn profile.


Intellisafe, an artificial intelligence-enabled Medtech platform that offers advanced protective devices, was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, United States. Link to LinkedIn profile.

Sage Medical

Founded by Guenevere Blanchard, Sage Medical is an AI-driven medical coding and billing platform that solves the deficiencies in the healthcare coding and billing system.


WhiteFlag, a mental health movement created by Jonny McCoy, aids people in finding immediate connection and support. Available via phone and email, the platform demonstrates how startups are bridging the gaps in mental health. Link to LinkedIn profile.


Established by Artur Ergashev and Ty Vachon M.D., Iaso offers valuable feedback to medical professionals as they communicate through video. Link to LinkedIn profile.

Evoke Behavioral Health

Founded by Emily White, Evoke Behavioral Health is contributing in the ever-important sector of mental health. Link to Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

EZ Online Store

The EZ Online Store breaks the barriers between health care and computers, pioneering the market for electronically dispensed healthcare products. Link to Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

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