Emerging Los Angeles Digital Media Startups Revolutionizing US Industry Landscape

January 29, 2024

Los Angeles has always been a hub for innovation and creativity, particularly within digital media. Bursting with new startups in the industry, we focus our spotlight on a range of exciting companies, founded in 2020 or later, who are already making a strong impact in their respective sectors. From video streaming platforms to creative content creators, we’re highlighting the companies that are trailblazing the path for the future of digital media.

All featured digital media startups are based in the heart of Los Angeles, California, a city known for its dynamic entertainment industry, pioneering tech scene, and cosmopolitan culture. These startups represent a wide array of services within the digital media spectrum, illustrating the diversity and innovation the industry is currently experiencing.

Let’s dive in, and explore these startups that are driving the digital media industry forward:

That’s No Moon

Focusing on the heart of creative content production, That’s No Moon is a company that caters to the entertainment industry. Founded by veterans of the industry Michael Mumbauer, Nick Kononelos, Taylor Kurosaki, and Tina Kowalewski, the company provides innovative products and services for the entertainment world.


NoCap is a music and digital media startup that enhances the industry by providing a platform for artists to promote and broadcast live shows. Founded by Cisco Adler, Donavon Frankenreiter, and Josh Porter, the company looks to bring unique fan experiences to a globally accessible platform.


Co-founded by Eugene Liew, Lauren DeVillier, Paul Pastor, and Thomas Wadsworth, Struum is a game changer in video streaming services. With a single subscription, viewers gain access to thousands of shows and movies across 60+ other services. This innovative platform simplifies streaming and content discovery, offering a diverse array of programming.

Just Slide Media

Founded by Steven Sesar, Just Slide Media revolutionizes digital applications, prioritizing business growth and objectives. They offer proven, conversion-optimized UI and UX frameworks, promoting responsive apps that fuel revenue growth for businesses.


A multifaceted start-up, Hoorae operates in digital media, film, media, and entertainment, and music. Hoorae provides a platform that serves artists and creators on various media levels, extending their reach across multiple sectors.

Spirit Bomb

Offering a creative space for artistic collaboration, Spirit Bomb is a media label that fosters engagement and opportunities for artists in all mediums. Co-founded by David Wexler and Ian Simon, the company has innovation at its core.

Monstera Group

Among the new players in the digital media industry is the Monstera Group. Operating in the fields of content creation and media, they are adding to the diverse landscape of the digital media industry.

Super Circus Studios

Bridging the gap between digital media and film production, Super Circus Studios is making waves in the industry.

Hiraya Media

Hiraya Media are the content creators to watch, marking their place in the digital media industry with their unique offerings.

Paket Media

In the realm of digital entertainment and media, Paket Media, founded by Raffi Bagdasarian, is a start-up to watch for its innovative solutions within the music streaming, video streaming and subscription service sector.


Offering solutions in digital entertainment and media, Bingemi is a new player that is making headlines in the industry with its unique take on media and news.

These startups showcase the thriving digital media industry in Los Angeles, pushing boundaries and setting new standards for future businesses to follow. Keep an eye on these innovative companies. They are on the cusp of transforming how we perceive, utilize, and engage with digital media.

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