Emerging Palo Alto IT Startups Revolutionizing US Tech Landscape

January 27, 2024

The technologically-driven city of Palo Alto, California, United States, continues to be a beacon for the conception and growth of startups in the Information Technology industry. Despite the challenging atmosphere that 2020 ushered in, a number of forward-thinking companies emerged, refining the landscape of sectors such as healthcare, financial services, software, and internet technologies.

This article introduces a selection of the startups that were founded in 2020 or later in the Palo Alto area. From reinventing the digital search experience with a user-centric search engine to revolutionizing medical procedures, these startups are utilizing advanced technologies to drive innovation. So, let’s dive into the exciting world of Palo Alto’s newly-minted startups.

Below, we will present each company, offer a brief overview of their operation, and provide links to their websites and social media platforms.


Founded by Bryan McCann and Richard Socher, you.com is a pioneering search engine that offers users a customized and targeted search experience. The platform prioritizes user privacy, providing features that prevent tracking. The minds behind you.com, including former Salesforce chief scientist Richard Socher, are aiming to challenge the monopoly of ad-dependent search engines. Connect with them on @YouSearchEngine, Facebook, or Linkedin.


Opsera, founded by Chandra Ranganathan and Kumar Chivukula, is driving the future of software delivery with its continuous orchestration platform for software and DevOps engineers. Offering an increase in software velocity through flexible tools, Opsera is making software delivery safer, faster, and smarter. Follow them on @opseraio, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Atropos Health

Atropos Health, spearheaded by founders Brigham Hyde, Nigam Shah, and Saurabh Gombar, works to provide real-world evidence personalized for any clinical decision swiftly. You can connect with Atropos Health via their Twitter page or on LinkedIn.


Idemeum, founded by Nikolay Poturnak, offers an innovative application management platform that creates a secure digital identity without the need for a password. Connect with them on @idemeum, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Gradia Health

Gradia Health, founded by Andrew Zelaya and Rithvik Seela, works to improve patients’ medical experiences by offering timely information on their mobile devices. Connect with Gradia Health on their Twitter page or LinkedIn.

Happioh Inc

Happioh, led by Brian Frandsen and Soulaima Gourani, is designed to optimize productivity in the workplace by automating complex manual tasks and improving meeting quality. Based on Scandinavian UX design principles, Happioh is dedicated to making work more efficient and less stressful. Connect with Happioh on their Twitter page or LinkedIn.

RocketPlan Technologies

Founded by Joseph Tolzmann, RocketPlan Technologies is a startup in the Project Management sector in Palo Alto. The team can be connected with via their @rocketplantech Twitter handle, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Ohyay, led by Max Gale and Walt Lin, specializes in creating immersive experiences for online portals. Find them on their @ohyayco Twitter page, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Offering unique digital business card exchange services, DoveCard facilitates networking by sharing updated profile and contact information instantly. Connect with DoveCard through their @DoveCardApp Twitter handle, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Pioneering the Information Technology, Recruiting, and Software industry, Refer’d has its base in Palo Alto. You can connect with them via their @referd_ai Twitter page, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Minerva-Tech Ventures

Minerva-Tech Ventures, founded by Veronica Wu, specializes in sourcing top operator angels in Silicon Valley. The company has invested in over 300 early-stage technology companies, marking its name in the Business Development, Financial Services, and Information Technology sector. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

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