Emerging Philadelphia-Based Consulting Startups Making Waves in US Market

January 27, 2024

In recent years, Philadelphia has emerged as a hotspot for fresh and innovative startups within the United States. Despite the challenging circumstances brought by 2020 and the subsequent years, the City of Brotherly Love continues to foster a thriving environment for entrepreneurs to grow and succeed. In this feature, we highlight ten visionary startups that were founded in 2020 or later, operating within the dynamic field of consulting and based in Philadelphia.

These bespoke companies, despite varied specializations, are directly contributing to the region’s economic growth and panoramic vision. From healthcare to IT, HR to SEO, the versatility and scope these startups offer are nothing short of impressive. In recognition of their commendable feats, we have collated detailed descriptions along with convenient links to their online homes.

Join us in exploring these newest additions to Philadelphia’s vibrant consulting landscape who are daring to trailblaze forward, defining and redefining their respective industry landscapes even amidst adversities.


Eternally, a consulting juggernaut specializing in the healthcare and medical field, aims to impact valuable change in its industry. LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter

Sustainable Governance Partners

A specializing in Asset Management, Business Development, Management Consulting, the Sustainable Governance Partners are known for offering inevitable solutions in governance advisory. LinkedIn

Teletherapist Network

Within the ever-evolving field of healthcare and wellness, Teletherapist Network provides top-notch consulting services. LinkedIn | Facebook

Athena Solutions

Athena Solutions is a game-changer in the IT sector, specializing in cloud security and tech management. They offer a wide variety of services designed to revolutionize businesses. LinkedIn

Heart for HR

Heart for HR is an HR focused consulting firm, perfect for small businesses and start-ups needing to optimize their HR departments. LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

Kynkelly Media

Kynkelly Media provides consulting services in SEO, social media management, and web design, successfully attracting and enriching online audiences. LinkedIn | Facebook


Clinarify delivers unique health care consulting services with a focus on speedy, accurate responses and comprehension of complex clinical workflows. LinkedIn

Resolutions DMA

An all-inclusive firm, Resolutions DMA serves clients with consulting needs in a wide range of industries. Their forte lies in technology services, construction, and outsourcing. Facebook


flipMD provides diverse consulting services and aims to bring together physician talent serving a wide range of industries. LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

Go Beyond Clients

Go Beyond Clients empowers clients with strategies to build passive income streams and offering solutions to freelancers and consultants. Facebook


Placiter provides a full suite of services ranging from document management to software development. They serve a rich gamut of industries, including banking, finance, and consulting. LinkedIn

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