Emerging Philadelphia Software Startups Reshaping The US Tech Landscape

January 28, 2024

Philadelphia, once known primarily for its colonial history and love of cheesesteaks, is rapidly becoming a hot spot for technology and innovation. Recent years have seen the city flourishing with new software-based startups looking to leave their mark in their respective industries. Ranging from Health Care to Financial Services, these startups have made significant strides in developing unique products and services that have the potential to reshape their industries. Below, we will explore some of these startups, all of which were established in 2020 or later.


Founded by siblings Dan and Jennifer Goldsmith, Tendo is a healthcare technology company headquartered in Philadelphia. The company is driven by a mission to revolutionize healthcare delivery through user-oriented software solutions that seamlessly connect patients, clinicians, and caregivers. Tendo envisions becoming the trusted connection in the healthcare ecosystem, providing intelligent, user-friendly experiences throughout the care journey. Collaborating with leading health systems, partners, investors, and advisors who share a commitment to innovation, Tendo strives to make measurable progress in healthcare by driving necessary change. More about Tendo can be found on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.


Staircase, co-founded by Adam Kalamchi and Soofi Safavi, is a powerhouse in the domain of Developer APIs, Financial Services, FinTech, Information Technology, Real Estate, and Software. It serves as a marketplace that facilitates low-code integrations in the US residential mortgage industry. Staircase thus plays a significant role in streamlining communication and integration in the mortgage industry, contributing towards enhanced borrower experience and catalyzing innovation. Learn more about Staircase on their website and follow the LinkedIn page for updates.


Portabl, the brainchild of founder Nate Soffio, has made significant strides in the Compliance, Data Storage, Financial Services, FinTech, Identity Management, and Software industries from its Philadelphia base since its inception in 2020. Their decentralized identity management solution aims at creating a smoother, safer online financial experience for users. Learn more about the company’s offerings on their website, or follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Upped Events

Founded by Mark Kozlowski, Upped Events operates in the Event Management, SaaS, Software industry, providing a comprehensive platform for digital payments, analytics, and automation for event optimization. Connect with Upped Events via their Facebook page, Twitter handle, or through their LinkedIn profile.

Use Heard

Co-founded in 2020 in Philadelphia by Christopher Paterno and Ned Dana, Use Heard is a tech startup that brings to marketers and musicians alike a unique tool to amplify their audience reach and monetize their potential. Visit their Facebook page, Twitter handle, or LinkedIn profile to learn more.


Co-founders Aasim Sani and Paritosh Gupta established CopyCat with a vision to expedite the development phase in software applications. This startup, which uses AI-powered code generation, is poised to become a game-changer in the software industry. Connect with CopyCat on their Twitter handle or LinkedIn page.


Co-founded by David Marimon, Philipp Descovich, and Ted Mann, Partium is generating waves in the E-Commerce, Product Search, Search Engine, Semantic Search, Software, and Visual Search sectors. Their work revolves around providing a stellar search experience for everyone on the look for spare parts. Visit their LinkedIn profile for more information.


SolasAI, standing its ground firmly in the domains of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Risk Management, and Software, has made large strides in the technology field. See their Facebook page, Twitter handle, or LinkedIn profile for updates.


Founded by Mike Driver, GovCompete is a SaaS product aimed at helping government contractors identify best-fit opportunities. Connect with them via their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.

Equity Abacus

Equity Abacus offers software solutions in corporate governance, share and stock ownership guideline management, and SEC compliance among others. Pay them a visit on their LinkedIn page to learn more about their offerings.

Prophet Models

Operating in the Analytics, FinTech, and Software sectors, Prophet Models has been making significant strides since its establishment. Visit their LinkedIn page to get acquainted with their breakthroughs in their industry.

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