Emerging Real Estate Startups Transforming Atlanta’s Property Landscape

January 26, 2024

Atlanta, Georgia – a city defined by its bustling business sector, diverse culture, and an ever-evolving real estate landscape. It’s a hub attracting both veteran industry players and innovative startups, particularly in real estate. The influence of technology, coupled with the effects of the pandemic, have catalyzed a wave of new companies, revolutionizing the traditional ways of doing business in the industry. This article highlights some of the most promising startups with an inception of 2020 or later in the world of real estate in Atlanta.

From commercial real estate advisors to property management services, there is a broad spectrum of startups making their marks in Atlanta’s dynamic real estate ecosystem. These companies are not only contributing to Atlanta’s economic development but also reshaping the ways in which real estate transactions are conducted. Whether you are looking for leasing, advisory, investment or innovative solutions in real estate, Atlanta’s vibrant startup scene has got you covered.

Here is a rundown of the standout startups that have made significant strides in their respective real estate niches:

Southsource Advisors

As commercial real estate advisors, Southsource Advisors is bringing an innovative approach to the market. By creatively connecting users, building owners, and capital sources, the firm is not only upending traditional commercial real estate methods but also delivering exceptional results through data-driven digital marketing. Southsource Advisors on LinkedIn

South East Asset Management Services

South East Asset Management Services is another standout startup in the property management and real estate sector. The company is showing significant promise and proving its capability in managing rental properties. South East Asset Management Services on LinkedIn

Skyview Acquisitions Group

Founded by Marquis Robinson, Skyview Acquisitions Group is a residential real estate firm that specializes in sourcing investment opportunities and acquiring value-add properties, with a specific focus on single-family homes. Skyview Acquisitions Group on LinkedIn


John Hillman’s FIDES offers valuable advice and development services to the commercial real estate industry. The startup exemplifies a perfect fusion of traditional real estate components with innovative elements. FIDES on LinkedIn

Haven Communities

Haven Communities is making its mark in the commercial and residential real estate sectors by delivering innovative property development and rental services. Haven Communities on LinkedIn

MRH Investments

In the property development and real estate investment arena, MRH Investments is showing significant promise as a pioneering startup.


Fronted by founder Michael Seneadza, PutPostIn is paving the way for innovative solutions in the real estate sector. PutPostIn on LinkedIn


Founded by John Whatley, DreamHouse stands out for its unique approach to integrating communities, property management, and SaaS technology to deliver novel real estate solutions. DreamHouse on LinkedIn

Garden City Companies

Under the leadership of founder Michael Arrieta, Garden City Companies is thriving as a people-first holding company that acquires steady, cash-flowing companies. As a pet project of Arrieta, Garden City is committed to building the Berkshire Hathaway of small businesses where every worker thrives. Garden City Companies on LinkedIn

Boardroom Bully

Boardroom Bully, started by Marquis Peterson, is making waves in the blockchain, consulting, finance, and real estate sectors. Despite the absence of a company website or social media presence, Boardroom Bully’s innovative approach speaks volumes of its potential.


360onestop, headed by Lee Rensch, provides unique software solutions and services for maintaining a home, proving its potential as one of the emerging names in the real estate industry in Atlanta.

In conclusion, Atlanta’s real estate startup scene, with these new players, presents a future full of new possibilities, innovation, and growth. These startups are not only growing their businesses but paving the way forward for the industry. The companies mentioned above show that Atlanta continues to be a solid hub for promising real estate startups, likely to influence and help shape the sector for years to come.

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