Emerging Sacramento Healthcare Startups Revolutionizing the American Health Industry

January 29, 2024

Startups are at the frontline of innovation and change in various industries. This is particularly true in the health care industry where cutting-edge technology, fresh perspectives, and creative solutions are required to solve multifaceted challenges. In this article, we spotlight Sacramento, California startups of 2020 or later delivering unparalleled services and products in the health care sector.

Sacramento, a bustling city that’s part of the California tech ecosystem, is gaining a reputation for being home to vibrant startups creating impacts in the health care industry. Merging innovation, knowledge, and skills, these Sacramento startups offer transformative ideas to improve the healthcare scenario, operating symbiotically within a community committed to healthier futures.

We have curated a list of reputable startups that exemplify both the entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to make healthcare more accessible, efficient, and effective. Let us delve in.


Launched in 2020, Flexia is making significant waves in the Wellness and Health Care industry. Founded by Christina “CJ” Kelly, David Ducrest, and Kaleen Canevari, the company brings the essence of Pilates studio experience into the comfort of your living room with their professional-grade Pilates machine, the Reformer, and online studio of classes for all levels. You can learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Plunge, founded by Ryan Duey, is a distinguished E-Commerce, Manufacturing and Health Care venture. They offer a hassle-free setup and maintenance plunge that boasts of strong filtration and sanitation, reliability, and is affordable. Known for improving the immune system, easing chronic pain, boosting metabolism, energy, mood, and more. For more details, visit their LinkedIn page and Facebook channel.

Futuro Health

Futuro Health is a renowned name in the Consulting, Education, Health Care, Wellness Industry. Their mission is to improve the health and wealth of communities by exponentially increasing the network of allied healthcare workers in the country. Their programs include everything from patient care to laboratory work. Find them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Yoda is a burgeoning healthcare technology platform that offers healthcare management services. It creates unique technical solutions to meet business needs. Their services span from financial management to application development and management consulting. More about Yoda can be discovered on their LinkedIn page.

United Visions International

United Visions International, a non-profit organization, helps the underserved population get access to food, housing, education, and healthcare. They support individuals affected by unfortunate circumstances and help them recover and rediscover their potential. You can follow their work on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.


Founded by Sameer Halai, WeHealth aids communities to be resilient and responsive to dynamic situations like disease outbreaks and natural disasters. Their work is primarily in the Health Care and Information Technology industry. You can explore more about WeHealth on their LinkedIn page and Facebook channel.

Bubbles Dental

Dr. Kenechukwu Eze has founded an innovative pediatric dental practice, Bubbles Dental. Their offerings include teeth cleaning, fillings, dental exams, fluoride after teeth cleaning, orthodontics, and preventative pediatric dental care. They are committed to making kids very comfortable at the dentist. More information about Bubbles Dental can be accessed through their Facebook page.

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