Emerging San Francisco B2B Startups Transforming the US Business Landscape

January 29, 2024

We bring you a list of some of the most vibrant and innovative startups in B2B industry that made their debut in 2020 or later in San Francisco, USA. This remarkably talented cohort of businesses operates in a number of different spheres including Information Technology, E-Commerce, Analytics, CRM, Developer Tools, HR, and many others, despite their foundational commonality: a commitment to innovation, solution-oriented approaches, and the power of business-to-business collaboration. Here are some of the companies to watch out for:


A product of a dream nurtured by the founding trio, Sahil Aggarwal, Apoorva Verma, and Milan Singh, Rattle is a B2B startup that leverages smart technology to turn the Salesforce integration technology on its head. It has proved to be a game-changer in revenue orchestration and has allowed sales representatives and marketing professionals to focus more on their customers and less on internal process management. You can connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter


Co-founded by Ella Zhang, Maddie Davidson, and Sherwin Xia, Trendsi is a fashion marketplace with a twist. This online B2B platform is an embodiment of minimal risk entrepreneurship that helps sellers access quality merchandise at competitive prices without the need for initial inventory or subscription cost. They are accessible on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Uiflow, the brainchild of Sol Eun and Eric Rowell established in 2020, brings to the table a no-code platform which lets its users build secure, scalable, and custom applications. Adding to its versatility, it also allows embedding Uiflow components into the existing applications. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Set up by Thomas Schiavone, Calixa is a unique GTM platform that empowers teams by providing them insights to find and grow customers. They ingeniously bring together data from different 3rd party apps and turn it into an actionable app layer for customer-facing teams. They can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Co-founded by Amit Dugar, Shankar Ganapathy, and Shyam HN, BuyerAssist.io facilitates the revenue teams deliver superior customer experiences by understanding customer priorities. With BuyerAssist, businesses can collaboratively win customers and partners by aligning towards shared outcomes. Find them on LinkedIn

bur-image (Simplified)

Founded by Koustubha Deshpande, bur-image (Simplified) is a one-stop platform where freelancers and entrepreneurs can effortlessly collaborate, scale, and grow their content.

Flexspace Technologies Inc

Flexspace, launched by Eyal Lasker, allows companies to discover, book, and manage on-demand workspaces with no upfront cost. It provides workspace providers the services to price their unused inventory in real-time. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Alex Svinov’s brainchild Insquad provides top quality remote software engineers to US and EU companies. With an AI-vetting algorithm and a huge database of developers, Insquad offers a fast solution to scale development teams at very competitive prices. They are available on Facebook, LinkedIn.


Founded by Moe Nada, SupportFinity presents a complete hiring locale creating top-notch experiences for businesses by connecting them with first-class global talents. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Established by Alex Litvak in 2020, Sightfull is a SaaS company that helps revops and GTM leaders to adapt their strategic decisions based on actionable insights. Sightfull enables fast revenue growth by pre-emptively detect time-sensitive business challenges. They are available on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Founded by Rajat Jain, EOXS, is a team of IT Executives who optimize technology, systems, processes, and people to improve business outcomes, helping mid-market companies attain their vision. They are reachable on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

These B2B companies are not only navigating the transition to new business models and technologies, but they are also shaping it. They are the new face of business, standing at the helm of change, and shaping the new era of global business.

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