Emerging Seattle-based Analytics Startups Revolutionizing the US Tech Industry

January 2, 2024

The innovative landscape of startups in the United States has been burgeoning, especially in the Analytics industry. Particularly, Seattle, known mainly for being the home of tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft, has seen a surge in the inception of highly promising startups in the field of analytics since 2020. This article puts a spotlight on these new entrants, examining their establishment, the challenges they are solving, and how they are redefining the analytics industry.

From revenue operations platforms to cloud-based solutions and predictive analysis, these startups aren’t just adding to the business scene; they’re advancing it. Founded in a year fraught with challenge and change, these enterprises have demonstrated resilience and innovation, using leading-edge technology and forward-thinking strategies to effect transformative change in their various sectors.

Below are some of these young, dynamic startups making waves in the analytics industry in Seattle, offering unique perspectives and solutions that redefine the future of analytics in different sectors. They highlight not just the diversity of Seattle’s startup scene, but also the city’s culture of technology-driven innovation.

Funnel IQ

Funnel IQ is an exciting entrant in the Analytics, B2B, Marketing, SaaS, Sales, and Software industry. Founded by Ganesh Sridharan and Matthew Volm in 2020, the company focuses on providing a revenue operations platform built uniquely for RevOps teams at B2B SaaS companies. Their ground-breaking platform unleashes the power of full-funnel insights and analytics, enhancing collaboration among marketing, sales, and customer success teams. Connect with them on their official LinkedIn page.

Gordian Data

Gordian Data is a proficient data science agency offering quantitative software and analytics for clients. The firm, co-founded by Patrick Mauro, lends a knowledgeable hand in understanding client needs, building functional models, and hiring proficient individuals to shoulder the agency’s groundbreaking projects.


Anymouse creatively taps (AI) to offer businesses a toolbox for superior data gathering and analysis. Through its comprehensive AI solutions, it tailors custom forms to meet both the company’s and customer’s needs. Keep up with their achievements on their official LinkedIn page.

Visual COGS

Visual COGS is committed to supercharging e-commerce businesses using far-reaching data analytics. Their software aptly meets the specificity of Amazon vendors and sellers, providing streamlined support for Costco sellers. Be sure to connect with them on their official LinkedIn or Twitter page.

AI2Table LLC

At AI2Table LLC, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the bedrock of their business model. This startup is all about making AI on tabular data more accessible and efficient, ultimately increasing the go-to-production rate and overall impact of machine learning.

UpLift Group

Co-founded by Carol Butler and Laura Butler, UpLift Group enhances HOA’s operational health through democratized information, insightful details, and accessible expertise. Connect with this innovative Real Estate and Analytics startup through Laura’s LinkedIn page or Twitter handle.


Co-founded by Andrew Hosch, Jenifer Rees, and Sean van Leuven, Xylariam provides a robust platform for cloud-based, scalable DevOps, software development, and data management. Follow this progressive technology company via their LinkedIn page.


Vintnerly offers a full-stack technology platform, encompassing eCommerce, CRM, website design, advertising, and analytics, among other things. Join their community on Facebook, reach out via Twitter, or network through their official LinkedIn page.

Unstruk Data

Unstruk Data, launched by Kirk Marple, offers a full-stack knowledge platform that employs no-code machine learning and a user-friendly spatial data analytics interface. Be sure to follow them on their official LinkedIn page and Twitter handle.


BlueArch, co-founded by Jace Alison and Joel Proctor, serves as an always-on cloud advisor, offering recommendations to optimize cloud performance and reduce tech-debt.

Almas Insight

Almas Insight, the brainchild of Robert Savette, helps organizations understand, explore, and analyze data related to their employees’ soft skills or capabilities using gamified digital work samples. Follow their recent updates on their official LinkedIn page.

All these Seattle-based startups have shown tremendous potential and are certainly ones to watch as we continue through a year of increased demand for data-driven insights. The diversity of their contributions within the analytics industry emphasizes just how versatile and powerful analytics can be.

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