Emerging Seattle-Based Software Startups Revolutionizing the US Tech Scene

January 29, 2024

In a time of rapid technological advancement, cities around the United States are becoming hotbeds for new tech startups. Seattle, Washington, has always been a tech hub, historically known for giants like Microsoft and Amazon. In recent years, however, the city has seen a surge of new startups challenging the status quo and bringing innovative solutions to various sectors. With the rise of these companies, Seattle’s tech startup scene is more vibrant than ever.

Driven by innovation and a robust software industry, a new generation of startups has emerged that leverages groundbreaking software technologies to transform sectors such as AI, information technology, fintech, and cybersecurity. These startups, established in 2020 or later, represent the current state of Seattle’s software landscape and forecast the future of the industry.

The following are some of the most promising software startups located in Seattle, whose inventive products and solutions are changing the dynamics of their respective sectors.


Founded by Jonathan Schneider and Olga Kundzich, Moderne is a tech startup that uses advanced software technologies to provide solutions for code automation. The company believes that with the rapid growth and change in software, automation is now more essential than ever. In light of this, Moderne offers cutting-edge resources to deal with API changes, fix vulnerabilities, and improve code quality on large codebases at record-breaking speed. [Link]


Co-founded by Andrew Gardner and Prem Kumar, Humanly offers AI-powered conversational technology for candidate engagement. By automating the repetitive aspects of candidate screening, employers can save precious time and make more informed decisions. Based in Seattle, Washington, and Sacramento, California, Humanly.io aims to bring transparency and evidence-based hiring decisions to HR. [Link]

Artly Coffee

Founded by Meng Wang and Yushan Chen, Artly Coffee merges the realm of AI and gourmet coffee. They have developed a robot barista, trained by expert human baristas, capable of brewing specialty coffee with precision and consistency. Founded in 2020 and based in Seattle, Artly Coffee puts on display an interesting blend of robotics, AI, and coffee culture. [Link]

Solo Technologies

Founded by Bryce Bennett and Keith Ng, Solo Technologies is a platform developed to bring stability to gig workers. The platform leverages data to deliver solutions for app-based workers aimed at improving their professional and financial stability. [Link]


Founded by Ryan Agresta, Candidate is a marketplace that incentivizes every person to become a recruiter for their network. It benefits job seekers by considerably broadening their employment opportunities. Based in Seattle, Washington, Candidate is a highly innovative platform revolutionizing the recruitment process. [Link]

Stratify Technologies

Stratify Technologies, founded by Brian Camposano offers an advanced budgeting and forecasting solution. Their platform uses machine learning to identify gaps in performance, create revised forecast scenarios, quantify financial impacts, and bring stakeholders in alignment. [Link]


Co-founded by Diego Asenjo, Mesh is a B2B platform aimed at verifying professional licenses and certifications for businesses of any size. The platform allows businesses to instantly verify the identity and credentials of professionals, thereby instilling a greater degree of trust in their services. [Link]


Founded by Maxime Long and Reid SantaBarbara, Odyssey is a streaming metaverse platform that enables anyone to create metaverse sites. Its platform intends to democratize access to the metaverse by simplifying the creation process in the same way that anyone can create a website today. [Link]


Co-founded by Juan Medina, Lalo offers a unique solution for preserving family history. The app incorporates components of social media with a focus on capturing and preserving family stories for future generations. [Link]


Founded by Chelsey Roney and Melinda Haughey, Proxi is a software startup that develops personalized navigation mapping services. The company’s no-code mapping software enables local experts and influencers to create, customize, and embed highly interactive maps into social media accounts, websites, or apps. [Link]

Indoor Collective

Indoor Collective is an innovator in the world of virtual fitness apps. Their product embraces the shift to indoor fitness workouts that gained immense popularity in the era of remote work and workout-from-home routines. [Link]

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