Emerging Seattle-Based US Startups Revitalising the Real Estate Industry

January 27, 2024

The real estate industry has been a significant component of economic growth in the United States for several years. The increasing demand for houses and office spaces within the country has led to the rise of numerous real estate startups that are using innovative technologies to redefine the industry. And while this positive trend is seen all across the country, the city of Seattle in Washington state stands out. Renowned for its booming tech industry, the city has also seen the inception of several outstanding startups since 2020 in the real estate sector. This article will showcase a few of these startup companies operating in Seattle’s real estate scene.

Arrived Homes

Founded by Alejandro Chouza, Kenneth Cason, and Ryan Frazier, Arrived Homes is transforming the real estate industry with its unique rental home investment service. Their model allows anyone to purchase shares of rental properties and receive a passive income while the company takes care of property acquisition, any necessary improvements, and management of day-to-day operations. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for updates.

Aloft Appraisal

Aloft Appraisal was founded by Travis Soukup and Yongxing Deng as a solution to real estate valuation. Providing financial valuation for real estate properties, Aloft Appraisal uses their information services platform to aid in the buying and selling of property. Keep up with Aloft on their LinkedIn and Twitter pages.


Marble, a brainchild of Daniel Kim and Daniel Li, is changing the landscape of long-term property rentals by providing virtual property management services. They provide a full range of services from property listing to handling tenant issues for the simple fee of $50 per unit per month. Get updates from Marble on their LinkedIn page and Twitter handle.

Picket Homes

Picket Homes was founded in 2020 by Charlie Mullan and his team with the vision of creating a tech-driven real estate platform that would bring transformative change to the residential real estate market. Picket Homes’ commitment to innovation is visible through its dynamic platform, which can be followed on their LinkedIn profile.

Array Real Estate

Array Real Estate offers comprehensive solutions in the commercial and residential real estate sphere in Seattle. Providing a unique blend of expertise and comprehensive solutions to their clients, they have already established their mark in the industry. Follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to learn more.

UpLift Group

Founded by Carol Butler and Laura Butler, UpLift Group provides analytics and property management services for HOAs. Believing in democratized information and detailed analysis, they aim to make the operational health of HOAs more transparent and manageable. Updates from UpLift Group are accessible on Laura Butler’s Twitter and on LinkedIn.


Loantuitive, headed by Dave Siegfried and Jason Maddocks, is a Commercial Real Estate debt marketplace. They simplify the process of getting loans by providing an instant polished executive summary and the necessary documentation to match users with qualified lenders. They are active on LinkedIn and on Twitter.


AgentKit offers a unique social-network-based platform for real estate brokers and agents. They provide a unique one-stop marketing service solution including promotion of customer acquisition, lead generation, customized websites, customer service, and brand building. Keep up with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Continuous Scale

Continuous Scale, led by Sara Dickinson, offers professional consultancy in outsourced Accounting and Finance Services. They assist companies in achieving their business objectives by providing top-notch professional services. Stay connected on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for regular updates.

Rachel Ravitch Studio

Led by founder Rachel Ravitch, Rachel Ravitch Studio provides a comprehensive array of services such as residential and real estate project management, design, specifications, and much more. Detailed insights into their services can be obtained from their LinkedIn profile.


Specializing in Property Management, Real Estate, and SaaS, RentSavvy is working towards innovating the rental landscape with its unique and handy solutions. RentSavvy is up and running on LinkedIn and Facebook, providing regular updates.

There’s no denying that these startups are shaping the future of the real estate industry in Seattle and beyond with their innovative business models and use of technology. With their unique approaches to solving old and existing problems, these companies are indeed painting a promising picture of the future of real estate in the country.

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