Water Consumption in an Average Household

June 7, 2022
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Our public water supply network serves over 26 million homes and businesses in the United Kingdom. The water demand is anticipated to become increasingly difficult to meet as our population grows and our weather patterns become unpredictable. Approximately half of England’s water companies are currently under severe strain.

The population in the United Kingdom does not typically relate to news reports about water shortages. Much of the time, it appears to be raining. There is plenty of water when we turn on the tap. What exactly is there to be concerned about? The dangers — supply shortages, high utility bills, and hazardous carbon emissions – are hidden and unnoticed.

What is an Average Household’s Water Consumption?

The number of persons strongly influences the average water usage per household. The typical annual water usage also varies based on the size of a household, on average:

  • A person uses 152 liters per day
  • 113 liters are lost through leakage every day


  • Power shower: 13 liters is used per minute
  • Mixer shower: 8 liters is used per minute
  • Electric shower: 5 liters is used per minute


  • A bath uses approx. 80 liters


  • 5 liters per flush using a modern cistern
  • 9 liters per flush for older toilets

Washing Machine

  • 50 liters per cycle


  • 14 liters per cycle for a modern dishwasher
  • 10 liters per cycle on eco-setting

Washing Hands

  • 6 liters per minute using a running tap
  • 8 liters per bowl wash

Car wash

  • 250 liters per hose pipe use
  • 30 liters per bucket wash

Reducing Household Water Consumption

Since population growth and climate change put pressure on water resources in the medium to long term, the water industry in the United Kingdom has identified the reduction of average household water consumption as a key strategic objective. This is why reducing average household water consumption is one of OFWAT’s common performance commitments for the regulated water utilities in PR19. The national average consumption of 152 liters per day per person per day compares unfavorably to comparable nations such as Germany (121 liters). The UK government has set an aspirational aim for the sector of 130 liters per person per day.

It’s not just beneficial to our personal and corporate finances to cut back on the water we use. The quantity of water that we consume daily has significant repercussions on the health of our planet. It’s a pretty straightforward equation: the more water we use, the greater the energy demand of the water providers to keep up with it. In other words, when we use an excessive amount of water, we contribute to the climate change that is already endangering our water supply.


Energy and water bills are rising, and our natural resources are under increasing strain. A new method is required to assist people in gaining control over their water and energy use at home. Rather than preaching from the pulpit, we should strongly rethink using domestic water. To help you get started, Utility Bidder offers comprehensive water audits for your home.

You may save money and benefit the environment if you reduce the amount of water you use in your household by using it more efficiently. Get in touch with our experts to receive specialized guidance on sustainable water consumption. We assist real people in real homes in developing the greatest possible real-life solutions.

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