Emerging Software Startups Shaping Indianapolis Industry Landscape

January 29, 2024

In recent years, Indianapolis is one of the budding locations for startup businesses in the United States, the presence of some of the most innovative tech startups in 2020 and beyond backs up this claim. With a rich blend of creative minds and a tech-savvy community, the state has become a playground for disruptive startup businesses. This article is going to highlight some of these startups in the Software industry within Indianapolis that emerged in and after 2020.

These companies, although new, have shown significant potential in their respective industries. The majority of them are in the Information Technology and Software sectors, showing the untapped potential of the internet and forecasting a digital future. Each company brings a unique idea or a solution to a problem, contributing to the growth and development of the nation’s technology infrastructure.


Founded by Doug Rybacki and Matt Compton, Filo.co is an online platform designed for hosting virtual events, workshops, and meetings. They provide organizations with solutions including team brainstorms, all-hands meetings, sprint weeks, war rooms, and even virtual offices. LinkedIn


Shaker, an initiative by Chris Lucas, is a CRM specifically designed for real estate teams. Their platform streamlines the entire home buying & selling process and maintains client relationships. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Humankind Technologies

Founded by Tarika Marshall, Humankind Technologies specializes in digital technology ethics consulting and IT services. Unfortunately, they do not have a website at the moment but stay tuned for more info.

The Fan’s Place

The Fan’s Place is an innovative company providing a service platform that merges the advertising and service industry. Located in Indianapolis, they’ve developed a SaaS platform promoting engagement and customer loyalty within the restaurant and bar industry. Check their Facebook and LinkedIn for updates.


Revvy is a company offering HubSpot and RevOps solutions for tech businesses. They provide an array of services including automation, onboarding, assessment, marketing, and administration. Visit their LinkedIn page for more.


Being a startup in the mobile apps and social network industry, PLUG founded by Landon Price, have already sparked some waves. Their latest updates can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Ochrona Security

For those seeking solutions in computer and network security, Ochrona Security is a software startup to watch. They’re on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Sport Pass

Founded by Trieu Nguyen, Sport Pass operates in the Software industry and is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can follow them on LinkedIn.

High Alpha Innovation

Co-founded by Elliott Parker, High Alpha Innovation mixes strategy consultation with venture building to create progressive startups. Check them out on LinkedIn for more.


Founded by Benjamin and Brodie Meyer, Yourco provides communication software for non-desk personnel. You can follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn or on Twitter @yourcoHQ.


Founded by Camille Mackenzie and Carson Mackenzie, Kintail provides a platform to automate and streamline the data collection process in the construction industry. Check out their LinkedIn page for updates.

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