Emerging US Software Startups Thriving in Miami’s Vibrant Tech Ecosystem

January 25, 2024

Startups form an integral part of the dynamic business ecosystem in the United States, particularly within the software industry. This is especially true in Miami, Florida, which is burgeoning into a major tech hub. 2020 has birthed an array of bright, promising startups that are wholeheartedly embracing the technological revolution. Many of these companies are tackling unique challenges and creating innovative solutions within the realm of software development. This article presents an overview of these promising software startups of 2020, headquartered in Miami.

These startups span various sectors within software development, including Information Technology, SaaS, Cryptocurrency, Fintech, Retail, Sales, Artificial Intelligence, and more. What binds them together is their commitment to harnessing technology to address current market needs and future challenges, thus playing a pivotal role in shaping their industry landscape. Despite their young age, these startups have displayed remarkable resilience and adaptability throughout the tumultuous year of 2020.

These companies represent just a fraction of the innovation happening in Miami’s software scene. Each offers a unique solution and vision for the future,signifying that the city’s tech industry is robust, diverse, and poised for growth. Let’s take a look at these standout startups:


Paylode, a SaaS platform launched by founders Mikhail Naumov, harnesses the power of software to manage and monetize partnership cross-sell programs in various industries. The platform eases the process of launching, managing, and monetizing partnership programs—an aspect vital to the company economy. Follow Paylode on Linkedin.


Sardine, a software startup in the cryptocurrency and fintech sector, is focused on making payments risk-free and quick. The company’s pioneering work in financial services fraud detection, compliance, and instant settlement for cryptocurrency transactions signals a promising future for secure, reliable financial transactions. They have founders Aditya Goel, Soups Ranjan, and Zahid Shaikh at the helm. Connect with Sardine on LinkedIn.


Founded by Philip Odelfelt and Tony Panayides, Datavations is carving a niche for itself as a trailblazer in market intelligence for the home retail sector. The company provides manufacturers with a repository of valuable retail inventory data, benefiting stakeholders across different team verticallys. Datavations is on LinkedIn.


On a mission to enhance the global workforce’s efficiency and productivity, ybot furnishes voice-activated autonomous work assistance in multiple languages. Founders Dima Galat and Tomer Garzberg spearhead the firm’s ventures in Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software, and Natural Language Processing. Stay up-to-date with ybot’s journey on LinkedIn.


Alkemy serves as a training platform, helping entry-level software developers bolster and certify their skills while also providing companies with job-ready talent. Alkemy’s mission is spearheaded by Federico Repetto, Florencia Rosental, Jean Pierre Saint-Hubert, and Valentina Aragona. Follow Alkemy on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

OXYGEN Healthcare

Raimonda Pilipaviciute and Yuri Frayman co-founded OXYGEN Healthcare. The startup aims to combine cutting-edge health care technologies such as AI-based methods, real-time patient monitoring, and several other integrations into one-stop healthcare solutions, specifically via a mobile and web patient portal. OXYGEN is HIPAA compliant and strives to deliver improved, individualized healthcare services. Follow OXYGEN Healthcare on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Onboardbase focuses on providing secure ways for teams to share app secrets and credentials. Founded by Karlista Okoh, this startup aims to aid in the development cycle with security and coding solutions for teams. Onboardbase is active on LinkedIn.


SMARTii revolutionizes the process of filling out forms. With their mission to reduce redundant tasks and promote a paperless, carbon-neutral approach, SMARTii aims to provide a secure, efficient means of sharing information. Stay connected with SMARTii on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Halaxia, founded by Mahesh Godavarti, Rajeswari Mahalingam, and Vivekanand Vellanki, is reinventing recruiting. Their cloud-based platform enables companies and consultants to manage all candidates and searches from one secure location. Halaxia’s mission extends to meeting data protection regulations and securing users’ data. Connect with Halaxia on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


eMed, founded in 2020 by Patrice A. Harris, is committed to providing access to healthcare solutions via its app. This startup encapsulates the growing importance of health tech in today’s digital era.


WunderGraph, co-founded by Björn Schwenzer, Dustin Deus, Jens Neuse, and Stefan Avram, offers cloud computing solutions, insights into open-source software, and a developer platform with APIs. Follow WunderGraph on LinkedIn.

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