Exploring Austin’s Impactful Health Care Startups Flourishing in the US

January 29, 2024

Austin, Texas, United States is not just home to a thriving start-up scene, it’s also a burgeoning hub for healthcare and tech innovation. From solutions focusing on mental health services to disease management tools, Austin’s healthcare start-ups are revolutionizing the way we think about and approach health and wellness. Established in 2020, these companies are reshaping the healthcare sector with forward-thinking solutions and products. Here are some healthcare startups based in Austin that are worth keeping an eye on.


As leaders in the Dietary Supplements, Fitness, Health Care, Marketing, and Nutrition industry, Nutrabolt is making a significant impact in the sports nutrition market. They create a range of dietary supplements with varied flavors designed for pre-workout, protein intake, and post-workout recovery. Though the company was established in 2002, its innovative approach and commitment to quality continue to prove influential within the health industry.


Launched by founders Fred Turner, Isaac Turner, and Vlad Slepnev, Curative is transforming the healthcare sector by focusing on better care experiences and outcomes. Born out of the COVID-19 pandemic, this startup is achieving new heights in on-demand public health service programs and infrastructure. Curative’s rapidly expanding network has provided over 30M PCR test results to date, along with over 2M COVID-19 vaccinations.


ReturnSafe, founded by Jason Story, Jikku Venkat, and Tarun Nimmagadda, provides a holistic system for infectious disease management. Recognizing the need for a safe return to work in the mix of a pandemic, they provide 360-degree visibility and management of employee health safety. Their HIPAA compliant solution garnered significant traction across various sectors, positioning itself as a leader in the field.

Sparrow Software

Founded in 2020, Sparrow.AI offers an AI-accessible software automation studio for healthcare systems and medical device companies. Led by Gabriel J. Apodaca, Marie Turock, Paul Robke, and Rory Brown, its platform features automated quality management and best software practices to accelerate the journey to positive patient outcomes.


Deepak Gopalakrishna started Rey with a mission to revolutionize mental health and wellness by improving access to personalized services through technology. Rey provides an on-demand mental health service, making it a highly promising startup in the healthcare industry.

Vironix Health

Vironix Health creates unique surveillance tech providing real-time, remote monitoring and detection of deterioration caused by COVID-19 or other respiratory diseases. Founded by Botros Toro, Sriram Ramanathan, and Sumanth Swaminathan, its hardware-agnostic proprietary APIs are embedded in various applications to support remote monitoring and institutional wellness.

Heading Health

Heading Health, founded by Ali Mahomed, Benjamin Goldman, Simon Tankel, and Steve Levine, is a tech-enabled mental health platform that provides increased access to affordable care. Integrating evidence-based therapeutics with telepsychiatry, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and intramuscular ketamine, Heading Health is ensuring that more people can get the help they need.


AffirmXH is a medical device startup that aims to allow people to experience better health. Founded by Ian Shadforth, Leif Bowman, and Thomas Hall, the company provides a continuous monitoring biosensor that collects key biometric data. This data is then used to provide early warning signs of potential health problems, making care more preventative rather than reactive.


Jonathan Cohen, along with president William (Bill) Welser IV launched Lotic to aid individuals to better understand themselves. Utilizing artificial intelligence, data science, and behavioral science, Lotic helps individuals live their tomorrow better than today.

ReplyAll Health

Created by founder Richard Bagdonas, ReplyAll Health eases the burden of maintaining communication during health crises. ReplyAll Health provides a platform where one message can reach an unlimited number of recipients, keeping everyone updated without adding stress to the already overwhelmed patient.

A Pup Above

A Pup Above, founded by Javier A Marriott, is a unique startup that caters to the health needs of pets. While there isn’t a detailed description, products and services of this kind are crucial as they maintain the health and happiness of our furry friends.

Austin, Texas is indeed a vibrant and energetic city with innovative startups touching all aspects of life. What’s even more encouraging is how these companies are significantly contributing to the healthcare sector and improving the quality of life for all.

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