Exploring Boulder’s Innovative Software Startups Revolutionizing the US Landscape

January 28, 2024

Establishing a business in the middle of a global pandemic doesn’t exactly sound like a winning proposition — and yet, that’s exactly what these Boulder, Colorado startups in software industry did. In 2020, against a backdrop of global uncertainty, a new class of entrepreneurs rose up to meet the moment. They responded to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and established unique solutions. Imbued with striking initiative, these various software startups are illustrating their capacity to navigate and flourish within the crisis. These are the startups that brought forth innovation, even in times of extraordinary turmoil.

Notably, Boulder, Colorado, has become a compelling locale for software startups to plant their roots. There’s a discernible energy and entrepreneurial spirit pulsating through Boulder’s vibrant tech scene and these startups are proof. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and growth, these firms are offering novel solutions and services that are bound to reshape the future of the software sector.

Below is a list of some of the most promising software startups based in Boulder that were founded in 2020 onwards, offering dynamic solutions across multiple industries. Let’s have a look at these impressive enterprises that deserve our attention.


Stupid good tools for freelancers to grow their business and enjoy a more sane a fulfilling bossless life. (Formerly Hectic). Connect with them on LinkedIn to stay updated on their journey.


An innovative startup established by Bailey Carlson, Ryan Hitchler, and Tim Schultz, Centro enables revenue teams to work effectively within Slack. By unifying Slack, Salesforce, Email, and SMS on their platform, Centro significantly enhances team collaboration and customer satisfaction. Follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Flourishing in the music streaming industry, SYQEL has emerged with a cutting-edge platform that visualizes music across devices, requiring no learning effort from the user end. Update yourself about their latest developments on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Giving Place

Streamlining the charitable gift giving process, Giving Place has innovated with its unique financial services software. It eases the hassle associated with tax compliance, gift planning, and monitoring, creating a more robust and effective donor ecosystem. Reach out to them on LinkedIn for more insights.

Zone 5 Cloud

A Boulder-based startup carving out a niche in the sports industry, Zone 5 Cloud offers a unique solution for sports enthusiasts. Keep an eye on their progress through their LinkedIn page.

Huitzi Solutions

Dedicated to delivering high-quality technology consulting and training, Huitzi Solutions specializes in web development services and behavioural change design services. Stay connected with their endeavours on LinkedIn.


Committed to making the outdoors safer and more accessible, Rangr boasts a unique app that uses AI for identifying and learning about things outdoors. Follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook for their latest updates.


Founded by Mike Roth, ManyUses offers a plethora of solutions for the internet, advertising, blockchain and web development sectors. Keep up with their latest endeavours on LinkedIn.


Providing exceptional consulting services in the software domain, Tylosoft is committed to enterprise success. Learn more about their journey on their LinkedIn page.


Shivoo makes socializing easier by connecting users to social groups, businesses, and local events through its innovative app. Follow their story on LinkedIn and Facebook.


In the real estate sector, Doorkeep aids property managers through their novel software. Get to know them better on LinkedIn.

In essence, these startups are a testament to Boulder’s thriving software industry, proving that, even amid a pandemic, innovation and entrepreneurship need not be stifled. Kudos to their grit, determination, and unwavering spirit!

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