Exploring Florida’s Booming Healthcare Startups in Boca Raton, USA

January 28, 2024

Start-ups have always been a significant driver of innovation, growth and job creation, acting as a catalyst for progress and change. Over recent years, the healthcare sector has been a primary focus for start-ups, with many entrepreneurs looking for ways to revolutionize this all-important industry. Today, we spotlight a handful of healthcare start-ups that were founded in 2020 and are based in Boca Raton, Florida. These companies are paving the way for new methods of improving patient outcomes and the overall health of the nation.

Boca Raton, the southernmost city in Palm Beach County, Florida, is home to many leading start-ups in the health care industry. The city’s easy access to a skilled workforce, strategic location, and top-rated universities makes it an attractive spot for entrepreneurs. And 2020, a year when a global pandemic put healthcare innovation at the forefront, brought a new wave of health care start-ups in Boca Raton.

Let’s dive into the profiles of some vivid startups blooming in Boca Raton. Note that these companies are not listed in any particular order. They all are tremendous in their ways, contributing to the healthcare industry’s advancement in the region.


Vapocoolshot is a medical device manufacturer specializing in developing novel technologies to reduce pain and anxiety levels. Established in 2020, Vapocoolshot is on a mission to improve patient experiences by providing innovative solutions.

Empyrean Medical Systems, Inc.

Empyrean Medical Systems is a healthcare startup focused on improvising the medical procedures using advanced technology. They can be found on LinkedIn.


Founded by Eric Plumb, MyRep is a communication platform that connects healthcare professionals with the life science industry, fostering improved interaction and collaboration. You can connect with MyRep on LinkedIn and @MyRep_ on Twitter.

Health Advocate Network

Kevin Little pioneered Health Advocate Network, a staffing agency dedicated to improving healthcare providers, staff, and patients’ experiences. Find out more about Health Advocate Network on their LinkedIn page.

Speranza Therapeutics

Speranza Therapeutics, founded in 2020, develops and distributes medical devices and drugs to treat various diseases and conditions. Their revolutionary work in opioid addiction treatment has made them stand out in the healthcare industry. Follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

My Psychiatrist

My Psychiatrist, an outpatient psychiatric care practice, offers a range of services to tackle emotional and mental health issues. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

True Care Home Services

True Care Home Services provides a range of care services at home, addressing the needs of the elderly and those needing assistance. Check their updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.


SonerMed, founded by Daniel Madero, Robert Lange, and Wiguimps Saint Jean, is a medical wholesale company that offers high-quality products to private and government sectors.

Century Health and Life

Century Health and Life is a start-up in the health and life insurance industry. They aim to provide comprehensive, affordable insurance options to their customers. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Notus Solutions

Notus Solutions operates in the healthcare and retail industries, providing innovative medical devices to maintain and improve people’s health. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Ellie Sarmadi, UBQFIT is a unique start-up at the intersection of fitness and technology. It provides a gamified wellness and fitness marketplace where users can move and earn. Stay connected with UBQFIT on LinkedIn, Facebook, and @ubqfit on Twitter.

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