Exploring Irvine’s Flourishing US-Based Software Startup Ecosystem

January 26, 2024

Irvine, California is a city known for its thriving tech industry. A number of promising startups have sprung up in this region over the past couple of years. These startups provide innovative solutions across diverse industries like Artificial Intelligence, Recruiting, Fraud Detection, Financial Services, and more. This article focuses on startups founded in 2020 and later, who are operating in the software industry and are headquartered in Irvine, California. It provides insights into the founding teams, the problems these startups are solving, and how they are contributing to the innovation landscape in Irvine.

This new generation of entrepreneurs is harnessing the power of software to provide novel solutions to complex problems. They are gaining recognition for their innovative approaches and technological expertise. These startups are set to drive technological advancement and economic progress in the region.

While 2020 has been a challenging year due to the global pandemic, it has also presented unique opportunities. Startups have emerged with solutions that are transforming industries and helping individuals and businesses navigate through the new normal. Here are some innovative software startups that were founded in Irvine, California in 2020 or later.


Co-founded by Bin Ren and Yanzhi Wang, CoCoPIE specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, and Software. The startup aims to optimize AI models for edge devices, thereby reducing the expected time to market for applications. Find them on LinkedIn.


Focusing on Internet, Recruiting, and Software, Chatterworks provides a platform that makes the recruitment process easier and more efficient. Co-founded by Shafiur Rahman, Chatterworks notifies recruiters when a candidate is active on social media. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Sajjad Mustehsan, Genuiniti uses Software and Fraud Detection to protect consumers from counterfeit goods. Genuiniti equips products with wireless tags that verify their authenticity. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Avocado Finance

Founded by David Kim, Avocado Finance operates in the Financial Services industry. They are active on LinkedIn and Facebook.


EdTech platform CoachSnap was founded by Travis Rosser. The platform helps coaches start, grow, and manage their online coaching businesses. They can be found on Facebook.


Fundsy is a Funding Platform aimed at serving non-profits worldwide. It provides Debit Card and Software services and can be found on LinkedIn, and Twitter.


oneboard is a Software company. The startup’s LinkedIn profile can be found here.


IQHi operates in the Electric Vehicle, Energy, and Software market. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


The next-generation dating tool twiine uses handpicked locations and activities from third-party vendors to make dating more personal. Check out their LinkedIn page.


Offering product engineering and integration services, Spark provides next-gen software solutions to developers. Check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Ken Sugai, Speckle is an EdTech company that provides convenient, cost-effective, and effective speaking improvement tools. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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