Exploring Italian Gastronomy in the Bronx: The Pioneers Shaping the Culinary Landscape

A comprehensive guide showcasing diverse, innovative, and delightful Italian Restaurant companies operating in the heart of Bronx, NY

1. Da Franco & Tony Ristorante


Offering a mix of traditional and modern Italian cuisine, Da Franco & Tony Ristorante is a favorite spot for dinner and a go-to source for linguini and insalate dinners. This establishment has made its mark with high-quality catering services, bringing the flavors of Italy to private events and gatherings.

2. Anthony & Sal’s Pizza Express

An iconic father and son establishment, Anthony & Sal’s Pizza Express, is a vibrant part of the Bronx culinary landscape. Opened in 1987, they offer a wide selection of freshly made pizzas, calzones, heroes, pasta, salads, and soups. Their Italian-style catering, complete with setup for all events, continues to impress patrons and leave a lasting impression.

3. Misto Restaurant and Bar


Combining Mediterranean and European cuisine with an Italian twist, Misto Restaurant and Bar provide a gastronomic adventure that spans continents. The restaurant offers a diverse menu in an upscale environment, making it a great choice for fine dining and wine enthusiasts.

4. Olive Garden Italian Restaurant


A well-known chain, Olive Garden in the Bronx continues to serve its loyal customers with all their favorites. With its never-ending first course of freshly baked breadsticks and homemade soup or garden fresh salad, it’s a haven for those seeking traditional Italian meals in a family-friendly atmosphere.

5. Sbarro


Home of The Original NY Style pizza, Sbarro serves freshly made dough and 100% shredded whole milk mozzarella cheese. It’s a perfect destination for those looking for a quick Italian fix without compromising on taste and quality.

6. Hero Factory Inc

Hero Factory Inc takes pride in its Italian cuisine offerings. Although detailed information isn’t provided, their name alone intrigues visitors and locals alike, making it a must-visit for Italian food enthusiasts.

7. Good to Go Italian & American Comfort Food


Serving a mixture of Italian and American cuisines, Good to Go offers comfort food that soothes the soul. Their diverse food selections appeal to a wide range of palates.

8. Anthony’s Restaurant

Keeping their offerings under wraps, Anthony’s Restaurant sparks curiosity among its potential customers. Given the reputation of Italian eateries in the Bronx, one can anticipate delectable dishes from this venue.

9. Orrico’s Italian Restaurant

Website: orricos-italian-restaurant

Though information about Orrico’s Italian Restaurant is scarce, the mention of being an Italian eatery in the Bronx evokes images of well-cooked pasta and saucy pizzas, making it worth a visit.

10. La Grata


Despite the lack of a detailed description, La Grata positions itself firmly among the vibrant community of Italian restaurants in the Bronx.

11. Tra Di Noi


With its name translating to “among us”, Tra Di Noi promises an authentic, homely Italian dining experience. The eatery invites patrons to join in on a culinary journey that transcends the everyday dining experience.


With a name that unequivocally announces its specialty, PASTA-PASTA INC is a must-visit for pasta lovers. It’s likely to indulge guests with a plethora of pasta dishes, each packed with flavors that are bound to impress.

13. MUTZ Fast. Fresh. Italian.


Promising fast and fresh Italian cuisine, MUTZ could be your next stop for a quick lunch or dinner. As its name suggests, this place is likely to deliver on the speed without compromising on taste and freshness.

14. Pizza Cachapas Y Mas


This Southern Italian restaurant brings an additional dimension to the Italian culinary scene in the Bronx. Their intriguing name suggests a fusion of cuisines that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your palate.

15. Cold Cut City

Website: cold-cut-city

Featuring deli-style Italian cuisine, Cold Cut City provides a unique culinary angle within the Italian restaurant scene of the Bronx. It invites guests to dive into the world of Italian cold cuts and other delicacies, offering a different yet authentic taste of Italy.

In conclusion, the Italian restaurant scene in the Bronx is a dynamic, diverse, and vibrant landscape. From traditional to innovative, from family-owned to renowned chains, from upscale dining to quick-service outlets, these Italian restaurants offer something for everyone. So, next time you’re in the Bronx, embark on an Italian culinary journey and explore these fabulous dining spots.

Written by Mobb

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