Exploring Los Angeles’ Cutting-Edge Music Startups Revolutionizing the US Industry

January 26, 2024

The thriving music industry in Los Angeles, California, is known for birthing creative innovations. Startups launched in 2020 or later are breaking boundaries and redefining the music scene. From collaborative marketplaces to ground-breaking music production, these emerging companies are pushing the limits of music and technology.

Technology is acting as an enabler, opening up seemingly endless possibilities in music discovery, production, financing, and performance. It’s enabling unheard voices to be heard, artists to hold onto their creative rights, and music to touch more lives in more ways than ever before. These startups are at the forefront of musical innovation, shining a spotlight on the larger-than-life City of Angels.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these startups based in Los Angeles that are making waves in the music industry.


Founded by Cole Mason, Guy Oseary and Spencer Markel, Pearpop is a marketplace for social collaborations between a myriad of performers and artists from various fields. From musicians to acrobats, it facilitates collaborations amongst celebrities and aspiring talents alike. Connect with them on their LinkedIn or @pearpopofficial Twitter handle.


Founded by John Haller and Peter Sinclair, BeatBread combines music and finance, helping artists retain the ownership and control over their creations. Specializing in strategies rooted in artificial intelligence and machine learning, BeatBread empowers musicians by providing financial advances. Follow their journey on LinkedIn here.

Encore Music Technologies

Founded by Ian Edelman, Jonathan Gray, and musician Kid Cudi, Encore is set to revolutionize the way music experiences are enjoyed through smartphones. This interactive live music mobile platform allows artists to engage with their fans while also monetizing these connections. Get into the rhythm with them on their Facebook or LinkedIn page, or follow them @clapforencore on Twitter.


Founded by Cisco Adler, Donavon Frankenreiter, and Josh Porter, NoCap is enhancing the realm of live performances by enabling artists to create, promote, and broadcast live shows to a global audience.


Launched by Marc Geiger, SaveLive aims to financially support struggling music venues. You can connect with them on their LinkedIn page.


ENABLE, founded by Hardik Zaveri, strives to empower the music industry. More information about their specific offerings can be found on their website.


Pixelynx is developing technology that amalgamates music, blockchain, and gaming. They can be reached via their @pixelynx_io Twitter handle.

JET Management

Founded by John Scholz and Tyler Goldberg, JET Management is another bright spark in the LA music scene. More about their work can be discovered on their LinkedIn page.

Overnght Media Group

Overnght Media Group aims at providing a meaningful, user-friendly platform for online audio and video media. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Jessica Rosenbluth and Leslie Smith, el3ment lies at the intersection of music discovery and collaboration. It provides a platform to musicians all over the globe, promising the possibility of new alliances. Get in touch with them via their Facebook, LinkedIn, or @_el3ment Twitter handle.

Library X

Finalizing our list, we have Library X, a startup focused on automating the production of high-quality music, generating soundtracks for content creators across various fields. Connect with them on their Facebook, @libraryxmusic Twitter handle, or LinkedIn page.

A sensational blend of innovation, creativity, and technology – these startups are focused on bridging the gap between musicians and fans, ensuring artists maintain control over their content and extending the reach of music to all corners of the globe. The future of the music industry is here, and it’s pulsating with the promise of great tunes.

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