Exploring Missouri’s Innovative Agriculture Startups Making Waves in US Industry

January 3, 2024

The agriculture industry continues to evolve with the implementation of new technologies and innovative practices. The recent surge of startups in this field has been remarkable, driving change and modernizing traditional farming techniques. In this article, we highlight six such startups based in Missouri, whose inception dates from 2020. Logistics may be changing rapidly, but the relevance of the old adage, “from the ground up,” is never lost.

This post spotlights startups that have made significant strides in various agricultural sectors, including but not limited to row crop production, farming, AgTech services, cannabis cultivation, and environmental consulting. Though each company is unique in its approach and agenda, they all share a common goal: to revolutionize the agriculture industry, ensuring it remains on the cutting edge of innovation and technology. Below, we delve into the histories, visions, and services offered by these budding enterprises.

The companies range from specialized service providers that focus on improving productivity and efficiency of crops, to organizations that leverage technology to offer transformative solutions to age-old farming challenges. The following startups have already started making a name for themselves in the agricultural sector.

Energy Curve

With its unique approach, Energy Curve offers solutions across various farming domains such as row crop farming, cattle nutrition and specialty crops production. Born out of the passion and efforts of its founders Ben Elliott and Todd Sears, Energy Curve is committed to enhancing farming practices across the nation from its operational base in Archie, Missouri.FacebookLinkedInTwitter.

Solis Agrosciences

Solis Agrosciences, established in 2021, provides R&D services and crop development consultations. Focused on accelerating innovation and commercialization, Solis Agrosciences marries technology with plant science to help AgTech companies realize their maximum potential. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, their cutting-edge services have made them a beacon of innovative progress. LinkedInTwitter.

Tiger Fiber

Aiming to improve the agro-system for hemp farmers, manufacturers, and stakeholders, Tiger Fiber was conceived by James Forbes, Jerred Killoren, and Richard Selby in Clayton, Missouri. By integrating sustainable practices with cutting-edge technology, the company continuously innovates in the world of hemp agriculture. FacebookLinkedInTwitter.

Peptyde Bio

Another proud product of St. Louis, Missouri, Peptyde Bio has positioned itself as a pioneering AgTech startup. Specializing in developing Advanced Microbial Peptides (AMPs), Peptyde Bio is poised to revolutionize traditional bio-agricultural practices.

Tempus Ag, LLC

Under the skilled leadership of founder Ross Carter, Tempus Ag, LLC is making strides from its Campbell, Missouri base. With its vision firmly set on enhancing farming efficiency, the company leverages technology and sustainable practices to drive growth.


Based in Saint Louis, Missouri, Susterco is a celebrated startup specializing in environmental consulting and agricultural test solutions. Consistently driving innovation, the company is committed to impacting the agriculture industry positively. FacebookLinkedIn.

These companies are mere examples of the many innovative startups that dot the agricultural landscape of Missouri. They represent a new wave of innovative practices, technological advancements, and renewed passion for agriculture, further propelling the industry into a promising future.

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