Exploring Nashville’s Innovative U.S Based Consulting Industry Startups

January 29, 2024

Nashville, Tennessee, the home of country music, is now creating a harmonious tune in the startups scene, especially in the consulting industry. The thriving startup ecosystem in ‘Music City’ is making notable strides. This piece will feature some of the startups that were birthed in the year 2020 or later, changing the landscape of the consulting industry in Nashville.

These companies contribute to a diverse range of sectors, providing consulting services in health care, corporate training, marketing, real estate, and environmental engineering, to name a few. They are being led by dynamic entrepreneurs committed to driving change and innovation in their respective fields.

Here is a roundup of some of these remarkable startups that are putting Nashville on the global startup map:

Apollo Healthcare

Founded by Ben Frank, Apollo Healthcare operates in the consulting, health care, office administration, and project management sectors. Social media presence can be found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Courage Collective

The Courage Collective is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting & Training company. They aim to create impactful dialogue and shared experiences, that lead to intentional action, meaningful self-reflection, and ultimately, personal & organizational transformation. Check their LinkedIn page for more information.

NEwO Consulting

NEwO Consulting, founded by Austin Owen in 2020, is a dynamic Nashville marketing firm with a specific focus on direct marketing & sales. You can learn more on their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

Adrian Jackson

Adrian Jackson is a nationally renowned, award-winning entrepreneur and startup/turnaround business consultant who recently launched Abode, a luxury real estate brand in Knoxville, TN. Find more about him on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


Populace deals with business development and Consulting. Get to know more on their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

The Growth Nerd

Specialising in management consulting, you can follow The Growth Nerd on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Impact Consulting

Impacting the education sector, follow Impact Consulting on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Founded by John R. Farris, AgriCapture is a tech and data-enabled company that provides agricultural solutions to climate change. You can follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Triumph Orthopedics

Operates in the Consulting, Health Care, Medical sectors. Discover more on LinkedIn.

Project Hound

Project Hound works in business development, freelance and management consulting, aiming to unite dispersed independent contractors into cohesive and efficient teams. Find out more on their LinkedIn page.

Genovations Tech

Your go-to for consulting in information technology and software, find out more about Genovations Tech on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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