Exploring New York’s Emerging Art Startups Shaping US Industry

January 28, 2024

As the world continues to evolve with technologic advancements, the need for start-ups with innovative ideas to tackle new challenges and bring forth adaptations in our day-to-day lifestyles increases. Having emerged in the tech hub of the United States, New York City, a group of start-ups established in 2020 has already begun to make their mark by providing leading solutions in sectors from artificial intelligence to marketing and healthcare. This article highlights these diverse companies that are changing the face of technology, helping to shape a smarter and progressive future.


Lavender is a start-up company aimed at providing AI-driven assistance to enhance the email communication process. Providing real-time support like prospect research, checking an email’s visibility on different platforms, or predicting its chances of landing in the SPAM folder, this AI email assistant has become a go-to solution for SDRs and AEs. Founded in 2020 by Will Allred and William Ballance, Lavender has rapidly grown by helping increase the email response rate for global leaders. Learn more about them on
Facebook or

Black Crow AI

Black Crow AI, a business analytics start-up, offers machine learning predictions through their proprietary platform. Co-founded by Damon Tassone and Richard Harris, the platform provides real-time business insights for companies of any size and effectively increases customer acquisition efficiency. Get to know more about them on
Facebook or


Lokavant is an IT company that offers real-time visualizations, AI-driven insights, and risk management services. Their innovative solutions have impacted different sectors, adding precision and progress. They share insights about their developments and operations on their
LinkedIn page.


Founded in 2020 by Kartik Chopra in North Brunswick, New Jersey, Devron is purposed to democratize machine learning using their data science product platform. They believe that creating an accessible platform for machine learning will help unlock potential across multiple sectors. Visit their
LinkedIn page to learn more about their mission.


Praxis, co-founded by Charlie Callinan and Dryden Brown, is a membership platform working towards building an autonomous city. They aim to allow people to live healthier, more fulfilling lives by creating an environment with revolved economic opportunities. Learn more about Praxis on their
LinkedIn page.


Coiled, founded by Matthew Rocklin, provides solutions for scaling data science, machine learning, and AI seamlessly in Python. Their solutions offer new possibilities for implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence. Visit their
LinkedIn page to get to know them better.

Alaffia Health

Alaffia Health, co-founded by Adun Akanni, and TJ Ademiluyi is a healthtech company employing AI and machine learning to help eliminate fraudulent activities in healthcare claims. Their services assist healthcare payers in reducing overpayments, thereby improving the healthcare system’s efficiency. Visit Alaffia Health’s
LinkedIn page to find out more.

Ozette Technologies

Ozette, co-founded by Raphael Gottardo, Greg Finak, Ali Ansary, and Evan Greene, is a life sciences data startup developing an AI-enabled immune monitoring platform. It helps doctors diagnose and prescribe medication to cancer patients with better accuracy using single-cell data. Learn more about it on their
LinkedIn page.


Founded by Sunay Shah and Sunil Rajan, ePOP AI is an app designed to collect and organize users’ receipts in one place, making the tracking of account spending history easier. Detailed information can be found on their
LinkedIn page.


dSilo, a growing AI-startup, aims to minimize spend leakage and streamline compliance with their patent-pending technology. The company was co-founded by Jay Gutta and Sharad Malhautra. Get to know the impressive work they’re doing from their
LinkedIn page.


iambic, co-founded by Chaudhry Raza Hassan and Maeve Wang, is revolutionizing the shoe industry with their AI and science-led design technology to create personalized, perfectly fitted shoes. Visit their
LinkedIn page for more information.

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