Exploring New York’s Revolution in American Consumer Goods Startups

January 26, 2024

Welcome to another edition of our startup series, this time focusing on startups plying their trade in the Consumer Goods industry, all of which were launched in the Big Apple, New York, in 2020 or later. Our aim is to shine a spotlight on these visionary companies, examining their unique offerings and uncovering the inspiring stories behind their inception.

New York is a vibrant and bustling hub of innovation and creativity that continues to attract aspiring entrepreneurs. These startups represent not just emerging brands in their respective industries but also encapsulate the spirit of resilience, adaptability and ambition that New York stands for. Each company listed has been innovative and distinctive in crafting solutions to problems, reimagining consumer goods and setting new trends in the market.

Let’s delve into the world of these startups and learn about their journey, their unique offerings, and explore their potential in reshaping the consumer goods industry. Prepare yourself to journey through a variety of sectors including food and beverage, beauty, fashion, tech and more.


AVEC was founded by Alexander Doman and Denetrias Charlemagne in a bid to revolutionize the world of alcohol mixes. Using only the finest natural ingredients, they present a blend of botanical infusions garnished with distinctive juices for the discerning consumer seeking a healthier alternative. Its presence on Facebook and LinkedIn gives a peek into its appealing product range.

Táche Pistachio Milk

In the increasingly popular non-dairy alternatives market, Roxana Saidi has forged a new path with Táche Pistachio Milk. They make waves through their unique product that caters to health-conscious and lactose intolerant consumers seeking a delicious milk alternative. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Good Charcoal

Good Charcoal has an impactful purpose at its heart, producing charcoal to aid communities. Although founded only in 2020, they have been making significant strides in their industry. They are also active on Facebook and Twitter.

Caire Beauty

Launched by Celeste Lee and Lorrie King, Caire Beauty develops groundbreaking skincare products for mature women. Based on bio-scientific formulations, their products are set to redefine beauty for women in their 40s and above. Check out their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for more information.


Abby Sugar’s Play Out Apparel aims to redefine gender expression in fashion. They cater to the Gen Z market by advocating for equality in design and shopping. Stay updated with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

WAJU Water

Chris Oates’ WAJU Water presents a unique proposition; they produce Organic, sparkling fruit waters sourced from the water within real fruits. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Figure 1 Beauty

Figure 1 Beauty, founded by Kimmy Scotti, enters the beauty and consumer goods industry with an innovative approach. You can find more information on their Twitter and LinkedIn pages.


Finch, under the leadership of Lizzie Horvitz, ambitiously aims to decode products’ environmental and social impacts, incentivizing improved consumer and brand decisions. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Sa Wea Luxury

Welee Fofanah’s Sa Wea Luxury is redefining the image of traditional cannabis users by combining innovative technology with luxurious design. They can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.


UjuuMedia, founded by Kelechi Uju, provides an eCommerce platform and brand development services for emerging designers and brands. Engage with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Last but not least, Isla, started by Charlie Denton and Tracy Dubb, is a promising startup in the beauty and wellness sphere. Stay tuned for their novel offerings on Facebook and LinkedIn.

These startups encapsulate the spirit of innovation, ambition and resilience that New York represents. Watch this space as we continue to unveil the ingenuity and creativity of startups across the nation.

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