Exploring Pennsylvania-Based US Startups Revolutionizing the Analytics Industry

December 19, 2023

The analytics industry in Pennsylvania is increasingly vibrant, with many new startups coming into existence in 2020 and beyond. These startups are employing advanced analytics and data science to derive insights and make strategic business decisions. As a result, they’re achieving significant growth, proving their importance in various sectors such as life science, IT, cybersecurity, fintech, e-commerce, and more. This article shines a spotlight on some of these startups and provides a brief overview of their offerings.

Despite the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous startups have managed to hit the ground running. They are employing innovative approaches to analytics and leveraging technology to optimize operations and supply chains, deliver immersive customer experiences, and boost decision-making capabilities. Pennsylvania-based startups are no exception, featuring heavily in this expansion and demonstrating that the state is an excellent location for similar companies to set up base and grow.

As part of our series highlighting startups across the US, we’ve compiled a list of noteworthy Pennsylvania-based analytics startups that have been operational since 2020 or beyond. These startups are innovatively using data analysis and computing in their respective sectors, be it life science, IT, cybersecurity, e-commerce, or any other domain. Here is an in-depth look at these startups.


Founded in Philadelphia, INFRATICO is an infrastructure analytics company specializing in structural health monitoring tasks. They are focused on detecting bottom-up cracks to alert stakeholders before such damage becomes visible on the surface. Their primary industry is analytics with a focus on life science applications.


Another Philadelphia-based startup, Mito, operates in the analytics, cloud data services, and information technology industry. Founded by Aaron Diamond Reivich and Jacob Diamond Reivich, the startup provides cutting-edge data solutions.


PhoeniQs, based in Philadelphia, operates in the field of analytics, artificial intelligence and information technology. While the details of their offerings are currently sparse, they promise to bring fresh tech solutions to the table.


Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PIARA aggregates internal and external intelligence about infrastructure and the threats facing it. Their platform shows how much unpatched vulnerability might cost companies while offering solutions to remediate these vulnerabilities.

Prophet Models

Philadelphia-based Prophet Models specializes in analytics, fintech, and software. Further details regarding the services they offer are not available at the moment.

Optima Marketing

Located in Wayne, Optima Marketing provides go-to-market plans and campaigns for businesses, data processing, data analytics, B2B, and B2C strategy, planning, analytics and measurement services. They operate in the field of advertising, analytics, and marketing.


Headquartered in Collegeville, PROVOSO is an analytics, enterprise applications, and software company. However, the specifics of their offerings are not available at the moment.


A startup based in Pittsburgh, WordReact is a full-stack analytics platform for writing, websites, mobile apps, and marketing research. As a pure analytics company, it brings robust data analysis to the table.

G2 Reverse Logistics

Based in Pittsburgh and founded by Eric Smith, Herb Shear, Julian Mitchell, and Tom Perry, G2 Reverse Logistics’ software simplifies returns management for retailers. Their solution combines automation, data, operations, and their unparalleled industry experience to drive value throughout the entire return lifecycle.

Sage SEO

Located in Ardmore, Sage SEO provides startups with a roadmap to improved SEO performance. Co-founded by Peter Yeargin, the startup’s offering is a new SEO SaaS platform designed to help startups achieve front-page rankings.


Based in Radnor and founded by Michael Haas, CRED iQ is a commercial real estate data, analytics, and valuation platform that’s powered by the full universe of CMBS & Agency loan and property data. CRED iQ is used to identify valuable leads for leasing, lending, refinancing, distressed debt, and acquisition opportunities. CRED iQ offers a full suite of CRE tools including valuation modeling software and ownership contact data. Follow them in LinkedIn.

These relatively new startups are proving their mettle in a challenging environment, and no doubt we’ll be seeing more from them in the future. They’re innovating within their industries, driving Pennsylvania’s steady climb as a significant player in the US analytics industry, and demonstrating the state’s potential as a nurturing ground for startups. If they maintain their current trajectory, these startups will continue making waves, transforming the future of their respective industries.

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