Exploring Phoenix-Based US Software Startups: Innovators Redefining the Industry

January 27, 2024

The Phoenix tech scene is bustling with innovative startups, especially in the software industry. Founded in 2020 or later, these rising stars are redefining their sectors with cutting-edge software solutions. From fintech and eCommerce to collaboration and cybersecurity, these startups offer varied range of software products and services catering to diverse business needs. This article showcases some of the most promising software startups in Phoenix, Arizona.

Arizona has become a tech hub that’s attracting a wide array of software startups. The perks of starting a business in Phoenix include a low cost of living, close proximity to tech giants in California, and an abundance of local talent from nearby universities. Let’s take a delve into the ones to watch out for.

Conducive business environment, supportive tech ecosystem, and local talent pool are some of the key factors that make Phoenix an attractive destination for software startups. The city is home to many noteworthy startups in Software space. Here are 2020 or later startups to note.


Plannly is a modern workforce benefit platform that helps employers ensure the well-being of their employees at lower costs than traditional plans. Featuring an expansive marketplace of providers and automatic claims reimbursements, Plannly empowers employees with the ability to design fully customized packages. Plannly is a recent Techstars Accelerator graduate company founded by Alisha and Earl Harris. Follow them on @plannly and connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Polls Platform

Polls Platform assists in simplifying the process of group decision-making. Founded by Dominic King, Jeff Hanna, and Kevin Hanna, the platform leverages the power of group chat polls to grow businesses organically. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Abstrakt offers Real-time Conversational Coaching Software as an alternative to reactive analytics via call recording solutions. It was specifically designed to be agile, and work across your tech stack or video conferencing and dialer technologies. The company promises to help you never lose another deal, miss a ramping quota, or fail to book a meeting again. Connect with Abstrakt on @abstrakt_ai and LinkedIn.


Digitile’s AI computer vision technology makes eCommerce product catalogs smarter. Founded by Josh Topel and Michelle Eichner, Digitile auto-generates product catalog data and improves onsite search results for a better online search experience. Connect with Digitile on @Digitile_io, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Global Market Innovators (GMI) is a Secure Managed Service Provider™ specializing in high-growth markets such as cyber security, the digital workplace, and managed services. Backed by a dynamic global team of expert consultants, GMI offers comprehensive IT solutions, including network, cloud, collaboration, security, and managed IT services. Follow them on @GMITechnology, Facebook and connect with them on LinkedIn.


With its headquarters in Phoenix, Steadynamic specialises in Consulting, Information Technology, Professional Services, and Software. Connect with them on @steadynamic, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Mindup is a Phoenix-based startup striving to revolutionise meeting software. Follow them on @mindupHQ/, Facebook and connect with them on LinkedIn.


Fyndr operates in the software space in Phoenix, Arizona. Connect with them on @Fyndr2, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Setup Edge

Setup Edge is a design company that provides digital products. Services they offer include prototyping, visual design, cloud architecture, mobile app development, and more. Connect with Setup Edge on Facebook and LinkedIn.

BreakAway IT

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, BreakAway IT is a software company that specializes in cloud computing, cloud management, and network security. Connect with BreakAway IT on LinkedIn.


Stacked.camp is a crowd-sourced firewood map created by avid campers to help the outdoor community find firewood for their next camping or RV trip. It’s powered by a community of campers, RVers, hikers, vandwellers, backpackers, and outdoorsy folks who submit firewood locations (aka “stacks”) they find throughout their adventures. Follow them on @Stacked_Camp and connect with them on LinkedIn.

In conclusion, each of these Phoenix-based startups stand out for their innovative approaches and tangible contributions towards shaping the future of technology. Keep an eye on these future powerhouses as they continue to make waves in the software industry.

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