Exploring Portland’s Pioneering Startups Revolutionizing US Healthcare Industry

January 26, 2024

Portland, Oregon is home to several notable startups within the health care industry. From the development of mobile lending platforms to comprehensive at-home health assessments, these companies are actively contributing to the transformation of the healthcare sector. The startups are changing the way care is administered, received, and even the way it is financed. The year 2020 proved to be a turbulent time in human history – a time that highlighted the need for ever more innovative healthcare solutions, and it’s inspiring to see these startups rise to the occasion.

From comprehensive women’s health apps like Gabbi and health assessment companies like Reperio Health to financial services like MedZERO aimed at making healthcare more affordable, these startups are tackling pressing healthcare challenges. More so, startups such as GoCrew Health and Tryl leverage information technology and predictive analytics to enhance care delivery and experience.

Other notable startups dabbling in the health care sector include CytoImage, a biotech company specializing in the imaging diagnostic technology to detect cancers. Also featured in the budding health care industry scene of Portland, Oregon, is Supplements 101, targeting the nutritional aspect of health. This list, while not exhaustive, provides a sampling of the innovative solutions that these Portland-based startups are developing.


Co-founded by Kaitlin Christine, is a startup aimed at empowering women to understand their bodies and healthcare needs. Gabbi uses artificial intelligence and clinical research to decrease the rate of preventable diseases and delayed diagnoses that affect women. Stay informed about Gabbi’s latest updates and offerings through their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Reperio Health

Co-founded by Matt Wallington and Travis Rush, Reperio Health is an at-home health assessment platform that provides comprehensive health results instantly. Follow Reperio Health’s latest developments on Facebook, Twitter, and the company’s LinkedIn page.


MedZERO, co-founded by Howard Michalski, Michael Sobek, and Paul Brenneke, is a mobile lending application that provides employees of participating businesses immediate access to zero interest and zero fee funds to pay medical costs. Stay informed about MedZERO’s latest advancements on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Co-founded by David Sjolin and Ian Greenfield, Tryl is a company that works to increase study compliance and guide participants through complex protocols using behavioural techniques and predictive analytics. Updates about Tryl’s newest progress can be found at their LinkedIn page and Twitter feed.

GoCrew Health

Founded by David Spiro, GoCrew Health provides communication tools that transform patient-provider interactions. Catch the latest GoCrew Health updates on their LinkedIn page and Twitter feed.


CytoImage is a biotech company that offers imaging diagnostics technology to detect cancer diseases.

Parachute Media

Parachute Media is a company exploring the intersection of healthcare with digital media and entertainment. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page and Twitter feed.

Supplements 101

Supplements 101 is a startup focusing on nutraceuticals, providing information and news within the field. Stay updated through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Eudaemonia Equine Connections

Eudaemonia Equine Connections offers a variety of mental health therapies, including animal-assisted therapy. Connect with them on their Facebook page or their LinkedIn page.

Cultivate Initiatives

Cultivate Initiatives is a health collective offering mobile health services. Keep up-to-date with their advancements on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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