Exploring San Francisco’s Innovative Big Data Startups: A US Spotlight

January 27, 2024

San Francisco continues to be the hub for technological advancements, harboring exciting startups ready to reshape the landscape of the tech industry. Several startups, particularly in the Big Data industry, founded in 2020 and beyond, are proving to be game-changers as they utilize data for transformative purposes. This article highlights these startups that are not just working with Big Data but are revolutionizing landscapes ranging from finance to travel and from e-commerce to CleanTech.

Each of these companies is unique, bringing different strengths to the table and collectively driving the city’s economy as a whole. Their role is crucial to the region’s economic health and its standing as a tech hub. Ranging from AI-powered platforms to quality management tools and analytics software, these startups are bridging gaps, making efficiencies, and driving innovation in their respective fields.

Without further delay, meet the ten Big Data startups from San Francisco founded in 2020 or later, paving the path for an era of technological innovation and economic prosperity.

Surge AI

Surge AI is the world’s most potent data labeling platform. Founded by Edwin Chen, Surge AI centers its operations on Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet, Machine Learning, and Software. Their lightning-fast data labelers build datasets infused with the richness and subtleties of language, offering groundbreaking technology, sophisticated quality controls, and vibrant APIs. Facebook, LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Alex Morozov and Gleb Mezhanskiy, Datafold is building tools for automating analytical data quality management, extracting more value from analytical data by automating Data Engineering workflows like data quality monitoring. Facebook, LinkedIn.

Rill Data

Rill Data, founded by Michael Driscoll and Nishant Bangarwa, is a simple alternative to complex BI stacks. It offers the fastest, easiest path from data to metrics dashboards (that your users will actually use), combining a SQL-based data modeler, real-time database, and metrics dashboard into a single product. LinkedIn.


Sanlo, a venture of Olya Caliujnaia and William Liu, is a vertically-focused platform of financial services for gaming and app companies. They believe that finance should not be mysterious and every gaming company with great products should have access to advise and money that they need to grow. LinkedIn.


CivilGrid, founded by Josh Mackanic, is a construction intelligence platform combining layers of utility, environmental, and geotechnical project site data. The platform helps in accelerating project due diligence, reducing utility research and project engineering cost, and improving risk identification and construction planning. LinkedIn.


Sightfull, established in 2020 by Alex Litvak and Noam Liran, develops analytical software for effective data analysis. The platform enables software as service companies to fast generate revenue growth by continuously adapting their GTM decisions based on actionable insights and the preemptive detection of business challenges. LinkedIn.


Founded by Ivan Saprov, Voyagu is a passion-inspired travel platform that focuses on clients and giving travel advisors the technology to deliver the best overall travel experience. With offices in the U.S., Europe, and Eastern Europe, Voyagu is on a mission to prove that technology and human professionalism can make travel better. LinkedIn.


SelectStar, powered by Blue Medora, provides unified monitoring of databases. It’s a SaaS-based database performance monitoring platform that is the best way to monitor, manage, and optimize database performance for every database type, no matter where it resides. Facebook, LinkedIn.

Revere VC

Founded by Chris Shen and Eric Woo, Revere VC empowers a range of investment advisors, wealth managers, and allocators with the tools to expand their venture capital programs. The firm is known for creating the industry’s first standardized framework for evaluating fund managers. Facebook, LinkedIn.


Founded by Jubair Jalil and Mo Jalil, Metapair offers the fastest way to set up a partnership. Their primary operation revolves around Big Data, Collaboration, Enterprise Software, and Natural Language Processing.


Normal, a venture of Adrian Finzelberg, Beate Czarnecki, David Aguirre Cañar, and Marcelo Leopoldino, is on a mission to change the way small businesses operate. Their innovative robo-consultant creates a reliable support system for small businesses of every industry. Normal helps implement CleanTech and GreenTech at scale and simplifies the participation in the circular economy. Facebook, LinkedIn.

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